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Many people think that traveling to East Africa can be expensive and luxurious. Some of the exclusive safaris and destinations can indeed be expensive; however, you can also travel to East Africa on a budget. You can easily travel to the region without missing out on any experiences with the correct planning and scheduling. You can save money on your next East African trip by considering the following tips.

Choosing Your Dates

The most important thing about saving money on your trip is to select the correct dates. During the peak seasons, everything in East Africa will be costly. The safari prices are much higher, hotels will be slightly costlier (if they are available), and your overall flight fare will also be more expensive. Traveling during the off-peak season is an excellent place to start. March, June, and October to December are the best months to travel during the off-peak season. April and May are also off-peak; however, the region experiences heavy rain during these months, which will affect your travel opportunities. Although it may seem that this may compromise your experience, there is plenty of activities, sightseeing, and game viewing during the suitable off-peak months.


You can save much money by sticking to budget-friendly hotels or opting for camping sites at safaris instead of luxury resorts. You can also consider staying at a backpackers hostel. There are plenty scattered across the region. Staying at a hostel is suitable for solo travelers or traveling with friends for an adventure. However, you can easily find budget-friendly hotels. They will not offer the same comfort as the luxury hotels; however, considering the traveling options in the region, you won’t be spending much time in your hotel anyway.

Street Food

Eating street food is not an option for everyone as food poisoning is a significant possibility. If you have the stomach for the local street food, you can save a lot of money.

Avoid the Mainstream Safaris

You may want to go on a safari to some well-known locations. You can go on a camping edition on Mount Kenya, the Amboseli National Park, and many other options. But there are plenty of exceptional safari destinations in the region that will give you a thrilling experience at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t Book Safaris Online

Another great way to save money on safaris is to never book one in advance through a travel agent. You can always bargain with the safari providers on the spot to get better prices.

Find Traveling Groups

When renting vehicles, or considering going on a safari, consider finding other tourists that want to travel to the same destinations and split the costs. It is a great way to meet new people and an excellent way to save money.


Traveling to East Africa does not need to be expensive. You can save money on your vacation without compromising your experience. You can also book a short camping safari at Maasai Mara to make the best of your trip to Kenya. Here are 8 Things to Know Before you Visit the Maasai Mara.

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