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The Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s pride, spanning over more than 5,700 square miles, making it one of the largest national parks and game reserves in the world. The renowned park receives over 350,000 visitors every year. Our incredible Serengeti Guide will help you plan your safari.

What Are the Best Times to Visit the National Park?

Choosing suitable dates can differentiate between a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a muddy safari with little to no game viewing. Although there is a trade-off between peak dates, crowds, and costs, you will want to plan your dates carefully to fall somewhere in the middle. Your dates will also determine the best location in the Serengeti National Park.


The ideal months to visit the Serengeti National Park are January, February, June, July, August, and September. Travelling to this region in April or May is not recommended because of the heavy rainfalls during these months.


In January/February, you will want to visit the Southern part of the National Park, while from June to September, you will want to stick to the Northern parts of the park, where The Great Migration will be moving. You will get to see the majestic wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, and elephants.

How Long Should You Stay?

Your stay will also depend on your budget. However, it is recommended to at least spend three nights at the Serengeti National Park to make the most of the trip and cover as much ground as possible. However, if the budget is not an issue, you can spend as long as you like. On average, people spend $100 per day.

How Much Will it Cost?

Depending on your traveling preferences, you should expect to budget anywhere between $200 to $1,000 per night per person. You can also opt for all-inclusive safari packages with various price ranges based on the perks and luxurious factors offered by the tour provider. A one-week trip can cost you from $2,500 to over $6,000 per individual.

What Animals Will You See?

You will get to see a diverse range of wildlife, including wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, black rhinos, lions, hyenas, and many other exotic species.

What Other Attractions Will You Find?

Although experiencing the thrilling safari and observing the wild and exotic animals is a thrill on its own, the Serengeti National Park does offer other activities and attractions. You can participate in various treks, bike rides or soar above the park in hot air balloons.


Before traveling to this region, you should always take precautions and ensure that you have packed the right tools and essentials for your trip. You will also need to be vaccinated before your trip. If you have not purchased an all-inclusive package, you should consider packing the following items:

  • DEET Mosquito repellent
  • Anti-malarial medications
  • Clothing that is comfortable and sufficiently covers you
  • Hats
  • Water bottles
  • First-aid kit
  • Food


Planning a safari, especially for the Serengeti National Park, can be both exciting and intimidating, especially if it is your first safari. However, the experience is worth everything. If you also want to visit the Serengeti’s counterpart, the Maasai Mara, read the 8 Things to Know Before you Visit the Maasai Mara guide.




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