The most in-demand jobs in Tanzania

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Tanzania economy is the 10th largest on the African continent. Here, Most people are employed in the informal sector, with over 66% working in agriculture. Only 15% of the population is actively involved in job markets in the formal sector. With the economy growing, the demand for skilled jobs in the formal sector has increased as well. As with any country when these trends start taking effect skills shortage is one of the first issues that arise.

The good news is that there are plenty of employment opportunities for Tanzanian job seekers. Regardless if you are citizen looking for a new job or a career change or an expat looking to relocate,  if you have the right skills, there is an opportunity to make money. If you are student looking to choose a career path, the list below might help you as well. 

We put together a list of the most in sought after skills in Tanzania market.

Professional Skills Most Sought After in Tanzania.

1. Tourism

The tourism industry contributes over 17% of Tanzania’s GDP, and employs 11% of the labour force. Whilst dominated by foreign-owned firms, local skilled and experienced people are in demand as the industry develops, the tourism rates keep increasing, and the country continues to improve its services and luxuries provided to these visitors. The tourism industry requires constant replenishment of workers for all levels. These jobs are definitely high in demand and new employment opportunities in the industry arise each day!


Safari tours are one of the tourism niches directly influencing Tanzania's economic growth. 

2. Sales and Marketing

In Tanzania, many companies require workers in the sales and marketing departments. Persons with such qualifications and experience can find jobs in the fields of Insurance, Consultancy, Finance, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Entertainment, and Construction fields. These persons must have good management, digital skills, and strong teamwork among other requirements. In such departments, characteristics such as honesty and enthusiasm are valued.

3. Healthcare

The rapidly improving and evolving healthcare system demands doctors, surgeons, and nurses. For qualified local and international persons, Tanzania offers employment opportunities in the healthcare sector. Other than hospitals and clinics, medically trained personnel are required in many positions. NGOs demand medical officers coordinate medical missions. Jobs in healthcare require adequate education, computer literacy, communication skills, leadership, strategic vision, management skills, and teamwork. Jobs in this sector are high in demand, and medical doctors are highly paid in Tanzania!


As the health sectors grow in and improve so does the demand for medical and health professionals.

4. Education

As the education system keeps improving, and the rate of education keeps increasing, Tanzania requires good, skilled teachers. Educational institutions of all levels, from Montessori to university, require teachers with adequate qualifications and some prior teaching experience. Teachers, professors, and instructors are in demand in Tanzania.

5. Law

Lawyers are high in demand in Tanzania and are one of the best paying jobs in the country! Lawyers with jobs in top firms can earn over 2 million shillings. Those who privately can earn around 20 million shillings per month! In addition to this, the profession is well respected. However, lawyers in Tanzania require very rigorous training. This highly demanded job is hence more suited to locals.


The demand for Tanzanian Law practitioners is on the rise.

6. Accountancy

One of the most in-demand professions is accountants. Sectors such as retail, NGOs, banking, and insurance offer accountant jobs, from CFOs (chief financial officer) to cashiers. These jobs require creativity, good decision making, good organizational skills, great attention to detail, computer literacy, and critical thinking.

7. Engineering

Engineers are high in demand in the cities of Tanzania! Companies require engineers in the many fields of engineering, mostly Civil, Chemical, Electrical, and Electromechanical. Most of these companies are involved in Construction, Mining, and Manufacturing sectors, and require the appropriate qualifications, past experience, effectiveness, and strong organizational skills! Oil and Gas Engineering is highly demanded in Tanzania and is a high paying job with salaries reaching a maximum of around 3 to 5 million shillings (Tsh).


With booming economy engineers of all types are great assets to the economy. 

8. Administration

There is a high demand for administrative roles in Tanzania. These include Personal Assistants, HR Managers, Managing Directors, Finance Managers, and Admin Managers, which require punctuality, leadership, communication and presentation skills, problem-solving abilities, commercial awareness, and knowledge of Tanzania law and policies. These jobs are not only well respected but are also among the highest paid jobs in Tanzania!

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