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Tanzania is known for its picturesque beaches and access to the stunning Indian Ocean that is perfect for water sports like snorkeling and swimming but the breaks in the region and wind in certain regions makes it ideal for other watersports too.

Kitesurfing is an extreme watersports activity in which the wind’s force, transmitted by a parachute-like kite, propels you through the surface of the water on a kiteboard, and at times, even above the surface of the water! It’s a thrilling water sports activity that gives you an adrenaline rush!

Tanzania is one of the best spots in the world for kitesurfing owing to the consistent and strong winds that dominate the coasts of Tanzania and Zanzibar Island. Keep reading more to find out about kitesurfing in Tanzania!

Best Places for Kitesurfing in Tanzania

Zanzibar Island is a breathtaking tourist site with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, ideal for kitesurfing. There are many hotels in Zanzibar Island that are affiliated with kitesurfing schools. Here are a few of the top places in Zanzibar for kitesurfing:


Also known as the ‘Pearl of Zanzibar’, Paje a world-class kitesurfing spot. It is home to a beautiful white sand beach and serene turquoise water. The locals are humble and honest, and the white sand is finer than one can ever find anywhere else.

Kitesurfing Schools:

Zanzibar Kite Destination, Paje by Kite, Kite Centre Zanzibar, and Zanzibar Kite Paradise provide kitesurfing lessons from beginner courses to advanced courses. All of these provide rental equipment for kitesurfers too!

Best months for kitesurfing:

Mid-June to mid of October and January to mid-March


Demani Lodge, Paje by Night, Kahawa Suites and Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas are a few of the accommodation options that are associated with the kitesurfing schools listed above!

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Paje Kite surfing, Image Source: Kitecentrezanzibar.Com


Jambiani beach is an hour away from Zanzibar Town. The location has so many things to offer for kitesurfers. It has strong waves with consistent winds. Don’t forget to try the seafood while you’re there!

Kitesurfing schools:

Jambiani Kite Center, Zanzibar Pro-Kite and Uhuru Kite Zanzibar provide kitesurfing courses of all levels. Rental equipment is also available from these schools!

Best months for kitesurfing:

December to March and June to October


Red Monkey Lodge is associated with the Jambiani Kite Center and Nur Beach Hotel is associated with Zanzibar Pro-Kite.

Kitesurfing Jambiani

Kitesurfing Jambiani, Image Source: Picuki.Com


Nungwi has a stunning beach and attracts a huge number of kitesurfers every year. Jambo Square Beach is another name for Nungwi beach and it’s a beautiful beach with white sand and clear water.

Kitesurfing schools:

Kiteboarding Zanzibar offers courses of all levels as well as rental equipment.

Best months for kitesurfing:

December to March


Zanzibar Star Hotel, Smiles Beach Hotel and Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort are located at Nungwi.

Nungwi Kitesurfing

Nungwi Kitesurfing, Image Source: Pinterest.Com


Kiwengwa beach is located on the northeast coast and offers a great experience for kitesurfers!

Kitesurfing Schools:

Power Kite School Zanzibar, Surfscape, One Love Kite School, and La Base Jungle Kite School offer courses as well as rental equipment for kitesurfing.

Best months for kitesurfing:

January to February, July to September and December.


Surfscape Beachfront Apartments, Bravo Club Kiwengwa, Vera Club Kiwengwa and Bathi Villa are some of the accommodation options!

Tanga & Pangani are towns in northeast Tanzania. Both are spectacular spots for kitesurfing. In Tanga, Peponi Beach Resort offers kitesurfing courses in collaboration with BigStyle during the winter months (January and February). Coconuts Kite Ushongo offers kitesurfing lessons in Pangani.

Tanga & Pangani Kitesurfing Experience

Tanga & Pangani Kitesurfing Experience, Image Source: Pinterest.Com

Best Time of The Year for Kitesurfing

The best time for kitesurfers to visit Tanzania is Kaskazi season, with the best wind in Kaskazi season from December to March.

After that, we also have the Kuzi season from May – October which attracts kitesurfers to the Islands of Tanzania in huge numbers.

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