Less Crowded Safari Destinations in East Africa

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A safari vacation in East Africa is a thrilling, adventurous, and life-changing experience. A safari can help you reconnect with nature, learn more about yourself, and see things not possible in everyday life. East Africa offers many beautiful and exotic safari destinations that will blow you away. From the breathtaking Masai Mara to the mesmerizing Serengeti National Park, East Africa offers some of the very best of nature. The experience will captivate you in a way unlike any other. However, some of the very well-known locations can be crowded. Life is always filled with crowds, and sometimes people want to get as far away from when taking a vacation. If you are the kind that does not prefer to visit crowded places and you still want to go on a safari, these are some of the lesser crowded safari destinations in East Africa.


Katavi National Park, Tanzania

Katavi National Park is a hidden gem in Ikku, Tanzania. It is one of the lesser commercialized safaris in the region, even though Katavi National Park is the third-largest national park in Tanzania. Katavi National Park offers many exciting opportunities to witness lions. Many people that have visited the place say that there are more lions than tourists here because it is one of the lesser crowded safari destinations. Katavi National Park is also known for the Chada floodplain. During the dryer seasons, you can see thousands of buffalos, elephants, and antelopes. Furthermore, the Katavi National Park is densely populated with hippopotami.

Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania

Mahale Mountains National Park is usually provided as a package, along with Katavi National Park, and this national park is tucked away in Kalambo, Tanzania. The Mahale Mountains surround the Rift Valley Escarpment that rises beyond the beaches of Lake Tanganyika (the second-deepest and most extended freshwater body). You can relax at the lake and enjoy the breathtaking views. The region also has dense forests that stretch across the valley where you can hike with a guide. Another exciting aspect of the Mahale Mountains National Park is the chimpanzee population. You will get to interact and experience these chimpanzees up close. The region’s chimpanzee population is so popular that it was once involved in a Japanese research project during the 1960s.


Meru National Park, Kenya

Meru National Park is one of the rare parks in Maua, Kenya, that doesn’t receive many tourists. The park is magnificent, and it is a wonder why it is not as popular as some of the many other mainstream safari destinations. The Meru National Park is home to the Tana River, a body of water where many streams from the snow-capped mountains flow. Meru also surrounds a stunning tract of savannah. In addition to its beautiful landscapes and picturesque scenery, the Meru National Park also offers some of the most exciting and exotic wildlife you will find in East Africa. You will get a chance to see the coveted Big Five, the name given to the five most exotic and dangerous species in the region, including the lion, rhino, elephants, leopards, and African Buffalo. In addition to the Big Five, you will also get to see the Somali giraffe, zebras, the rapier-horned Beisa oryx, and the cobalt-chested guineafowl. The wildlife is abundant in this national park, and the fact that not many tourists visit here will give you many opportunities to witness these magnificent creatures.


East Africa is an exciting adventure waiting for you, and these are only some of the few hidden safaris where you will not find as many tourists. You can also learn more about Kenya by reading Experience Kenya Adventure.



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