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Kenya is a popular tourist destination for domestic and foreign visitors, and it’s simple to see why you consider its diverse animals, seas, and mountains. Kenya is a stunningly diversified country, and due to the vastness and geographical dispersion of some attractions, you should spend time there to see its best sights.

We have therefore compiled a List of Top Outdoor Activities in Kenya you must not miss when you visit Kenya:

Whitewater Rafting on Tana River


With its tremendous rapids and beautiful whitewater, the Tana River is a popular rafting destination in Kenya. Adventurers will find Class II to Class V rapids and tranquil drifts where they may regain their breath and take in the breathtaking surroundings. You might see crocodiles and hippos, among other creatures, so keep an eye out.

Hiking Mt. Ololokwe

Mount Ololokwe, located in the remote Samburu district of northern Kenya, is a sacred peak for local tribes. The mountain is located a few hours north of Nanyuki and can be reached by a van or car.

Hiking in this mountain requires the presence of armed local guards to keep you safe from wild elephants and hostile tribes. The trek is fairly steep and can be difficult at times due to the heat and altitude, but it is well worth trying.

Joining a Cultural Tour at the Bomas of Kenya

Kenya’s Bomas reflect the country’s different cultures, from their different lives to their crafts and rituals. Since 1971, there have been public performances of traditional dances and acrobatic displays every weekday. This is a great day to spend when you want a crash lesson in Kenya’s culture.

Boat Tour on Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. It’s near Hells Gate National Park, where you can go on a game drive and rock climb.

While the scenery around the lake is stunning, a boat tour on Lake Naivasha is particularly thrilling because of the thousands of hippos lurking in the water, which will keep a close eye on your boat to ensure you don’t come too close.

Experience the Nightlife

Kenyan nightlife, particularly in the big cities, is a must-do. The investment in beautiful settings, amazing design, and groovy DJs is obvious, and a wide choice of local and international drinks is available.

In Nairobi, practically every day is a party day, so don’t be put off if you hear music blasting in that club on a Tuesday night. Come on in, get down, and enjoy Kenya’s nightlife.

Exploring Lamu Island

Lamu Island, located in the country’s northwestern corner and only a few kilometers from the Somali border, is off the beaten path but one of the favorite spots in Kenya.

Although Lamu is a great spot to unwind after a day of hiking and safaris, there’s more to see and do on the island than relax.

In the crystal-clear sea, you can go snorkeling and possibly see some rare dolphins. Visit Lamu Town, which is one of the world’s oldest towns! It’s a trip through the ages.

Enjoy a Meal of Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma, Swahili meaning “roasted beef,” is a Kenyan dish. Nyama Choma is served in chunks and shared with friends and family, commonly roasted on a charcoal stove, oven, or grill, depending on the cuisine.

It’s a tasty dish usually served with Kachumbari (onions and tomatoes), greens and Ugali (corn flour), or French fries. Nyama Choma can be found in places like Kikopey on the route to Nakuru or Mawe Mbili on the Eastern Bypass and nearly every diner that sells roast pork.


Kenya provides a variety of outdoor activities for adventurous visitors, from mountain climbing to multi-day safaris from Nairobi and its well-known wildlife-spotting opportunities.

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