10 Reasons Why Mombasa Is Better Than Nairobi

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Here's Why We Think Mombasa Beats Nairobi Hands Down as the Best Holiday Destination

When it comes to bucket list destinations in Kenya, Nairobi and Mombasa are two unbeatable options. The two destinations are both lovely and amazing, offering visitors contrasting experiences.

Choosing between Mombasa and Nairobi is a tough call as both destinations are renowned for beautiful attractions and unforgettable experiences. However, there are some key differences that you should bear in mind if you are planning to visit Mombasa or Nairobi for your next holiday.

If you are looking to splurge on that once in a lifetime holiday in Kenya, Mombasa is your best bet. The city offers a unique culture, great weather, sandy beaches, and lots of sunshine.

1. Beautiful Beaches

Mombasa has got white sandy pristine beaches that naturally offer inner peace and calmness in endless ways. You can spend your day on one of these beaches in a dream-like fashion with no interruptions; get lost in the panoramic view and wander off to wonderland.

If you’re looking for a one-stop location to have a good time, either alone, or with a company, then any of the beautiful beaches of Mombasa will definitely do. View our guide to the 10 best beaches you have to visit in Mombasa to get you started on exploring this tropical coast.


Diani Beach

2. Unique Cultural Attraction

There is strength in diversity – that is one good way to describe the rich blend of different cultures of the people of Mombasa. One might even describe it as the melting point of East Africa’s history and culture. If you’re ever in Mombasa, be sure to visit the museums and the Fort Jesus. These two places will take you on a trip down the history of the city.

There are also great monuments that have been preserved from a very long time ago, buildings, artefacts, and a whole lot of other things that portray the rich, ancient culture and history of East Africa.


Mombasa Carnival

3. Beach Resorts and Hotels

There are quite a handful of beaches in Mombasa; thus, it is not surprising that there are numerous beach hotels and resorts there too. You’ll find a wide range of luxurious resorts, which are fully furnished and well-appointed with modern amenities and always under development to inculcate the best and latest hospitable facilities.

If you visit the beaches first before any of these hotels and resorts, you may think the beach is the only place you want to be. Just wait till you set foot in these beach resorts and hotels.


Swahili Beach Resort

4. Fun Water Activities

Swimming, boat rides, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, skydiving, scuba diving, whale and dolphin spotting, and dhow racing are some of the fun water activities you can easily come across in Mombasa. It’s easy to see that they’re taking the best advantage of the water bodies they’ve been endowed with.


Kite Surfing Watamu

5. Delicious Cuisine

Surrounded by the ocean, Mombasa features a wide range of restaurants that serve delicious cuisine, especially seafood. Not only do you get to enjoy the unspoilt picture-postcard beauty of the seas, you also get to enjoy the delicious seafood varieties. You can enjoy an exquisite seafood platter ranging from the freshest catch of fish to exotic lobster and crab varieties.

View our guide to the 15 Best restaurants in Mombasa that will leave you licking your fingers for more.


Sea Food Platter

6. Laid-Back Scene

The clock in Mombasa ticks slowly! Most people who holiday in Mombasa are drawn to its laid-back lifestyle, they simply want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere with nothing to worry about. When on the seaside, you will enjoy the tranquil peace while soaking in the breathtaking views in the surrounding, and forget the nerve-racking urban life that drains your energy.

In Mombasa, there is nothing as attractive as being laid-back and efficient at the same time. It brings to mind a strong and wise warrior – always gentle, peaceful, and kind, despite his power and ability conquer an army alone – great exaggeration, right! Well, there is no better way to describe the laid-back scene of Mombasa.


Old Town Mombasa

7. Friendly Locals

One thing that makes Mombasa a home away from home is not necessarily the scenic views and panoramic oceans; it is the people of Mombasa. You’ll never lose your way in Mombasa so long as you ask; you’ll never be misunderstood even if you speak a foreign language, and you’ll definitely fall in love with the love and hospitality the friendly locals will shower on you.

8. Romantic Theme

One of the most common reasons people travel around the world is to rekindle their love life. In Mombasa, there is love and romance in the air all the time. Most people visit Mombasa to celebrate in paradise, from honeymoons, weddings, and engagements to anniversaries.

The laid-back scene that gives the perfect holiday vibe, the pristine beaches that give natural peace, the spectacular sunsets and luxury hideaways, the friendly locals, and delicious cuisine… the list is just endless. The city is the perfect destination for a romantic escape in Kenya.


Beach Romance

9. Eco-Tourism

A visit to Mombasa in Nairobi offers an eco-tourism experience like no other. Civilization is taking over our world today, but Mombasa is one of the few places that has managed to maintain an exotic natural environment intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.


Mombasa Old Fort

10. Vibrant Nightlife

There is no dull moment in Mombasa. With a wider range of nightclubs, bars and lounges to choose from, you’ll always find a great place to soak up the sounds of a DJ in the town, dance the night away and enjoy a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. The nightlife in Mombasa will complete your holiday experience; it’s an ideal way to experience the wild side of the town.

There are always parties organized to pleasure you into oblivion. You can’t just have all the Mombasa fun in one lifetime! Get the scoop on the hottest places in Mombasa with our guide to this city's best nightlife spots.


Mombasa Nightlife

Start Living it up in Mombasa

So there you have it, if you have limited time to spend in Kenya, Mombasa is definitely the place to be! With something for every type of traveller, you can't go wrong with this destination.

We'd love to hear from you If you have anything to add to our list or would like to tell us about your experience give us a shout!

Share your experience with us! Tag @Tripindigo on your social posts #EastAfricaRocks or pop us a line on social@tripindigo.com.

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