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Most Innovative Travel Bags and Accessories

If you think the concept of rolling luggage is all you need to consider when shopping for nifty travel bags and accessories to help you on any trip to Africa, then you’re wrong. You have to find quite a lot of things, especially if you’re travelling around East Africa. You need travel bags and accessories that can add convenience to your experiences.

Many innovative gadgets solve some of the most challenging travel problems most travellers encounter. These gadgets can quickly change the way you experience and enjoy your trip. Let’s take a look at some of the innovative travel bags and accessories you should consider for your next trip to East Africa.

Backpack with a built-in battery

In a world where artificial intelligence is taking over, it may surprise you to know that you don’t need a smart luggage on a roller set when you’re on a safari. While on safari, you may encounter a few rough paths on your way. Thus, a backpack is always the best way to go most times. Imagine having a backpack that can charge your cameras and phones when you are deep inside the national parks while on safari. A solar-powered backpack can help you with that. It has a built-in solar-powered battery that will make it easy for you to charge your phone. It’s also an anti-theft backpack, so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your possessions.

Backpack with a built-in battery

Lifepack Solar Backpack, Image Source: Amazon.Com

Wireless charging suitcase

Let’s say you’re travelling with a suitcase; you can take advantage of that opportunity and get a smart wireless charging suitcase for yourself. Aside from serving as luggage, this suitcase is designed to automatically charge your phone when the two are within a close range.

Wireless charging suitcase

Wireless charging suitcase, Image Source: Jebiga.Com

A travelling blanket

This is no ordinary blanket, it’s an ultra-plush poncho you can easily slip over your head, and it will cover your body, from your shoulder to your legs. It’s handy and portable, and it has a case with a strap so you can easily fold it into a pillow or a stuff sack for lumbar support. If you’re going to spend a day or more outside your hotel room on an adventure, a travelling blanket will go a long way to ensure your comfort.

A travelling blanket

Travelling blanket, Image Source: ArmChairEmpire.Com

A compact pillow

It’s going to fun, but it’s going to be hectic at some point while visiting East Africa. A compact pillow is an extremely useful accessory for when you need a quick nap to refresh and increase productivity. A good example of a compact comfy pillow is the ostrich pillow, designed to combat jet lag by providing the traveller with a micro sleeping space at any time and place. It looks a bit weird though, but it is fun, intuitive, and designed to reduce noise and light to the barest minimum.

A compact pillow

Compact Pillow

Micro Travel Adapter

Can you go a day without your phone? I don’t think so. A micro charging gadget comes in handy if you want your phone on always while on the go. There are great designs on the market, some with multiple outlets and USB ports to accommodate more than one device at a time. However, a micro travel adapter is one of the most innovative gadgets you can take along during your trip to East Africa. It’s a universal adapter and it’s compact, combining all the functionalities of a massive travel adapter. It features different types of pin that can match any socket type, and it can be used in over 54 countries across the world.

Micro Travel Adapter

Micro Travel Adapter, Image Source: LegitGifts.Com

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank

With a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank, you can get unlimited 4G LTE service anywhere you are. The device offers an ingenious connectivity in over 130 countries across the world. In fact, you don’t have to worry about purchasing local SIM cards or even the costly roaming charges while travelling around East Africa. With its integrated 6000mAh power bank, it also works as a portable charger for your devices while you are on the move. An example of this device is Skyroam Solis, which can help you get an uninterrupted access to the internet wherever you are.

Micro Lazy Luggage

The Micro Lazy Luggage is the perfect carry-on luggage you need for your next holiday if you are travelling with kids. It’s sleek and compact with a fold-out seat for your child and an extendable wheel legs. It has a storage compartment for clothes and other items you want to pack. The most amazing thing about this gadget is that it converts from a trolley to a vehicle for your child to ride on. It’s a must-have for every travel parent!

Micro Lazy Luggage

Micro Lazy Luggage, Image Source: Amazon.Com

Flask Light

A Flask Light is one of the best travel gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts. This gadget features an LED flood beam flashlight, a bottle opener, a compass, and two collapsible stainless steel shot cups, as well as a container that can be used for beverages or any type of drink. It’s a perfect accessory to carry along on your safari adventure in East Africa.

Flask Light

Flask Light, Image Source: CoolThings.Com

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