What happens if I Overstay My Visa In Tanzania

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Tanzania is a developing country and thus, presents many business opportunities. Whether you’re on a business trip to Tanzania or a leisurely trip for a vacation to witness African wilderness, an issue you might face is overstaying your visa in Tanzania.

Here’s a guide on what to do if you overstay your visa in Tanzania.

What Does it Mean to Overstay Your Visa in Tanzania?

Overstaying your visa in Tanzania means you’re staying in the country even after your visa has expired. Even if just one day has passed since the expiry of your visa, it’s considered “overstaying.”

It’s not legal for you to stay in the country after your visa has expired, which is why you need to take steps quickly once you’ve realized that you’re overstaying your visa.

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Is there an Overstay Grace Period in Tanzania?

There is an overstay grace period of 30 days only for those who have a residence permit, but not for business visas or single-entry visas.

What Are the Legal Options

After You Overstay your Visa in Tanzania? Once you’ve realized you’re overstaying your visa, head over to the Tanzania Immigration Head Office in Dar es Salaam. There, you’ll be issued a pass after paying a fine of $600. There is no way around the penalty and it’s a must to pay for anyone who has overstayed their visa. Once you pay the penalty, you’ll be given a pass and you have to leave the country within the next two days.

It’s most likely that when you visit the immigration office, they’ll hold your passport and ask you to buy a return ticket (with a departure date of within 2 days).

Once you’ve provided proof of a return ticket to your country, they’ll give you back your passport.

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Immigration Office,

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Will I be able to Come Back to Tanzania After I Overstay my Visa?

Yes, you can come back after applying for a new visa. The application process is the same as that you would normally do for your visa.

How to Apply for a Visa Extension

Before Your Visa Expires If your visa is about to expire but you need a visa extension, you’ll have to visit the Tanzania Immigration Head Office in Dar es Salaam. This process cannot be done online and you’ll have to visit in person.

You’ll be required to fill out an application and pay a fee depending on how long of an extension you need. The maximum extension you can get is of 3 months.

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Visa Application Form,

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Do You Have More Questions?

For more questions, you should contact the Commissioner General of Immigration Services.

Tel. +255 2850575, 2850576, 2850569

Email: visatanzania@immigration.go.tz

Website: www.immigration.go.tz

This was all about visa extensions and overstaying in Tanzania. It’s best to get the matter legally solved and as soon as you can otherwise, you’ll be deported and might even face some jail time. Best of luck with your visa extension!

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