Picking An AirBnB For Valentines Day

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There are a lot of unique places that you can go to if you’re looking for a romantic getaway with you and your partner. An underrated place for your romantic getaway would be the lovely East African landscape. It is home to a lot of beautiful places that you would miss out on if you don’t go to it.

If you’re looking for a newer place to travel to with your partner, then definitely consider East Africa. For Valentine’s, there are plenty of locations that you can go to. However, aside from the sights, you should also consider the lodging that you would have. If you’re considering your choices, then why not book an Airbnb?

There is plenty of lodging available in a variety of sites. If you do plan on booking an Airbnb for your East African Valentine’s celebration, then here are some tips that you should consider first.

Use the integrated map to pick the perfect location

Airbnb has a feature which is the integrated map that shows you where Airbnb is located approximately. To use the integrated map, all you need to do is drag the map around to find out the Airbnbs available at a certain location.

For example, Lake Kivu in Rwanda is a popular lush countryside experience, perfect for a romantic time with your partner. You can drag the map around in Airbnb and see the Airbnbs available that are nearest to the lake.

This enables you to find the perfect location that provides a lake-front view that you and your significant other can enjoy.

Decide on the things you really need and want

Airbnb gives you access to plenty of living situations of all shapes and sizes so it can be hard to choose from them. However, if you and your partner are adventurous people who don’t really plan to do a staycation and lay around and relax for your East African trip, then you may be more open to cheaper living situations.

For example, in Musanze, Rwanda, a place that’s popular for its forests, volcanos, and gorilla trekking, you can find an Airbnb for a campsite that is significantly cheaper than other Airbnbs in the area. If you plan on being out and about while you’re there, then investing in cheaper Airbnb rentals will help you save money.

Verify the house rules

According to Maid Sailors Airbnb Cleaning Service, one of the first things you should do when booking any Airbnb is to check the house rules. The house rules help you figure out the restraints of the Airbnb you’re staying at. For example, whether parties are allowed or pets are allowed.

Aside from that, it may include any additional payments that you might be billed for. If you don’t know what these are beforehand, then it might cause misunderstandings. Thus, make sure that you read thoroughly.

If you don’t find any, then message the Airbnb host to ask if they have any house rules that you should be concerned about. Knowing the rules beforehand allows you to find the boundary so that you don’t offend your Airbnb host.

Check out the neighbourhood

When booking an Airbnb, you should be vigilant and check out whether or not your Airbnb host is scamming you. One way to find out is by checking out the neighbourhood of the place you’re staying in.

If the advertised listing is situated in a place that seems out of place, for example, a luxury condo in an otherwise residential area, then there is something wrong.

Also, check out the neighbourhood of the Airbnb you plan on staying at to find out whether it’s in a safe part of town or not. You should also look out for places that may have some sort of political unrest going on.

Book in advance

Try not to book your Airbnb right up to the time when you plan to go to a location. You’re going to have fewer choices so you won’t get the perfect lodging for your needs. Aside from that, it will be harder to cancel a booking.

Some places in East Africa might not have a lot of Airbnbs available, so you should make sure that you book in advance so you get the few that are in certain areas.

Read as many reviews as you can

Before you even book a stay at an Airbnb rental, make sure that you go through the reviews first. You will find out how the guests that they had before felt about staying at their rentals and you can see what issues they had during their stay.

Some people leave a review with a low star rating despite the review being overall positive so it’s important that you read through everything before making your decision.

Message the host before you book

It is important that you message the host before you book their rental so that you make the most informed decision for your stay. For example, if you want the Airbnb to be near the train station, you can ask your Airbnb host how far away is the nearest station.

Messaging the host before booking not only helps you but also the host so that you don’t leave unwarranted negative reviews.

Sum up

This upcoming Valentine’s season, going to East Africa is a unique and interesting location for your romantic getaway. Make sure that you follow these tips for choosing the perfect Airbnb for you and your partner so that you have the best time while you’re there.

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