16 Best Spots to Stage your Proposal in Tanzania

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Tanzania with its rich culture and beautiful towns has got a lot to offer in terms of sight, sounds, and entertainment. The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. It's the perfect day to pop the important question – will you marry me?

Say yes to any of these romantic places in Tanzania:

1. Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island is one destination that is popular as a romantic and relaxing spot. Located off the coast of Tanzania, you can explore the beautiful white sandy beaches or gaze into the blue seawater as you propose to your love.

 Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island

2. Serengeti National Park

Though one of the oldest parks in the country, it has not lost its original charm. You can reserve accommodation in one of the luxury safari lodges and enjoy an intimate time with your partner. You can propose in that natural environment and gain an unforgettable memory. If bae is a fan of the bush, then the Serengeti National Park is definitely a winner.


Serengeti National Park: By  Bms travellers

3. Aqua Restaurant, Melia Zanzibar

This restaurant's interior is not only chic with its glass-panelled designs; the cuisines served also complete the exquisite experience. You can have an elegant three-course meal and indulge in their seafood menu before you propose.

Aqua Restaurant

Aqua Restaurant Melia Zanzibar

4. Meru Waterfalls

If you are looking to add some adventure feel to your proposal, Meru Waterfalls is definitely the place you should choose to propose to your love. It’s strategically located on the outskirts of Arusha and with just an easy climb; you would get to the amazing waterfall where you can drop on your knees to pop the question.

 Meru Waterfalls

Meru Waterfalls

5. The Blue Heron, Arusha

With its picturesque garden setting, this restaurant stands out as a romantic spot. You would have excellent service and a variety to choose from including Italian, European and other International cuisines. The naturally beautiful environment will set the mood for the best romantic proposal.

The Blue Heron

The Blue Heron: By Theblue heron tanzania

6. Bongoyo Island, Dar es Salaam

This is a small beach that is usually not crowded. Thus, you can have an intimate moment with your partner. You can rent an umbrella and some beach chairs for comforts to bask in the sun or you could take part in some kayaking before you go to the main deal of the day.

 Bongoyo Island, Dar es Salaam

Bongoyo Island Dar es Salaam

7. Akemi, Dar es Salaam

This restaurant provides an amazing view of the Dar es Salaam city with its vantage position and revolving movement every 2 hours. It would be a surreal experience for you and your love. You can have your pick of international cuisines and propose to your woman in that exquisite environment.

Akemi, Dar es Salaam

Akemi  Dar es Salaam

8. Kikuletwa Hotsprings, Moshi

It is advisable to plan a private visit as group tours can be quite expensive and deny you of privacy. However, if your plan is to bring along family and friends to witness the proposal, a group tour might just be perfect for you. You can swim in the warm waters before you ask that important question on the tip of your lips – will you marry me?

 Kikuletwa Hotsprings, Moshi

Kikuletwa Hotsprings  Moshi

9. More Than a Drop Restaurant, Moshi

With the amazing view of the mountain, this restaurant would ensure that your proposal is more than a drop on the knee. It would be a fantastic choice especially if your partner is vegetarian as they have delicious vegetarian cuisines. The staff is quite friendly and would be willing to be of service to any unique offering you have planned out. Get some cheap flights to Moshi and make this happen!

More Than a Drop Restaurant

More Than a Drop Restaurant  Moshi

10. Nakupenda Beach, Stone Town

The deep blue sea around you would keep your love so mesmerized that they would not see your proposal coming even if she had been guessing you had something up your sleeve. You can get a boat ride and propose right in the middle of the waters.

Nakupenda Beach

Nakupenda Beach Stone Town

11. Emerson Spice, Stone Town

The rooftop sitting area is a perfect place to propose in this restaurant. You could try out their 5-course tasting menu or settle for the equally delicious seafood cuisines. This restaurant has the potential to create a wonderful experience for you and your partner.

 Emerson Spice, Stone Town

Emerson Spice Stone Town

More about Stone Town Zanzibar >>

12. Taarab Restaurant, Zanzibar

Taarab Restaurant provides an amazing view of both the town and the sea. You could contact the Chef beforehand to make a personal menu and organize any detail you would require with the waitresses. Your love would not be disappointed by the experience and would bask in the romance the atmosphere exudes.

 Taarab Restaurant, Zanzibar

Taarab Restaurant  Zanzibar: By Doubletree

13. Nungwi Beach

This is quite a beautiful beach as you would find the waters and waves appealing to the sight. For a romantic proposal, you should target staying on at the beach till sunset. Just as you and your love watch the beautiful sunset, you can go down on your knee and ask her to marry you.

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi Beach

14. Tea House Restaurant, Zanzibar

If you desire a balanced mix of rich culture and sophistication to spice up your proposal, this is the perfect place to find it. The rooftop view is breath-taking and the African and Middle Eastern delicacies served would thrill you and your partner.

Tea House Restaurant, Zanzibar

Emersonon hurumzi

15. Kigamboni Bridge, Dar es Salaam

To propose to your love with that extra edge, consider taking her for a ride or walk on the Kigamboni Bridge. The light show at night makes it a perfect romantic atmosphere to propose but you can still have the same beauty around you during the day.

 Kigamboni Bridge

Kigamboni Bridge Dar es Salaam

16. The Slipway, Dar es Salaam

Take your proposal to new height by proposing in the Slipway Shopping Mall located on the Msasani peninsular, on the Indian Ocean overlooking Msasani Bay. You’ll find plenty of spots to propose to your partner here, from restaurants to bars with a romantic atmosphere and a perfect backdrop – as the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

The Slipway

The Slipway Dar es Salaam

Where Will You Take The Plunge?

If you been thinking about it, now is the time! We'd love to hear from you so let us know if you have any suggestions to add to the list or send us a pic of your special night. Pop us a line on social@tripindigo.com or Share a pic with us on one of our social channels.

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