Scuba Diving in Kenya, East Africa – Complete Guide

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Scuba diving is a life-changing experience, especially for first-time divers. Diving into the deep blue and discovering the many magical creatures, captivating coral reefs, and enchanting serenity of the underwater world is unexplainable. It is a surreal moment, where you will feel like everything has stopped until you see the liveliness of the fish. The colors, the movements, and the overall experience Is unique. If you want to discover a new diving destination, consider travelling to Kenya. Kenya offers unique diving spots that will leave you dazed. Kenya also offers experiences for both first-time and experienced divers.


Although you can go diving in Kenya any time of the year, January and February are the best time to get the best experience. In January and February, you will get clear waters and the possibility of encountering whale sharks. You can still have a fun and exciting experience from October to March; however, you want to avoid the rainy season. Underwater visibility is reduced significantly during the rain because of the mud on the shores and into the water.

Before Traveling

Before you get on your flight to Kenya, you need to be vaccinated for various diseases, including yellow fever, Hepatitis A & B, Rabies, and COVID-19. Even if you are vaccinated, you will still need to demonstrate a negative PCR COVID-19 test. You can get tested a few days before for COVID-19 since they accept a report no older than 96 hours from the departure time. However, if you show any symptoms after landing in Kenya, you may be asked to take another test and go into quarantine until your report comes.

What to Expect

Kenya’s diving destinations offer exquisite underwater ecosystems with many different types of marine life that will mesmerize you, including manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, green sea turtles, barracudas, morays, and many other species.

Diving is also a tourist attraction in Kenya. They have taken this job seriously. For example, a sunken ship at MV Diana creates a unique ecosystem and incredible diving expedition. Kenya also has many magical underwater caves that you will want to explore.


Diving Destinations

Now that you are in Kenya and ready to get into the waters, you will be wondering what the best diving spots are. Kenya’s options for diving may confuse you because there are so many places you can go, each destination having its unique persona and experience. The best destinations include Kunga, Watamu, Mombasa, Diani Beach, and Kisite-Mpunguti. Other unique and fun locations include:

  • Galu
  • Kinodo
  • MFV Funguo
  • Nyuli
  • Turtle Reef


The prices for scuba diving varies based on location, your experience, and the time when you travel (off-peak/peak rates). Generally, prices start at $80 (the lowest price across all destinations). The pricing also varies based on your diving experience. You will need to participate in courses for first-time divers, which can cost from $50 to $850.

Once you scuba dive in Kenya, you will want to keep coming back. Kenya’s diving locations are nothing short of magical, especially the deep caves and marine life diversity. Kenya will not disappoint you, and once you are done diving, many other exciting adventures await you. You can learn more about Kenya and East Africa from our article Flying in East Africa: all you need to know.


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