Self-Drive Holidays and Safaris in East Africa

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Experience freedom in its real sense – a self-driven trip on the East African roads is a unique adventure you do not want to miss. Connect with nature personally, revive and recharge your spirits in the serene atmosphere around you.

Things to Know Before Going on A Self-Drive in East Africa

  • Plan your route in detail
  • Research about the weather conditions at the destination you are planning to go to. Being stranded in a foreign country is neither wise nor safe. 
  • Find a car with the right capabilities.
  • Do not go for cheaper cars.
  • Keep a spare tire and car repairing tools for unexpected conditions.
  • Equip yourself with a blanket, first aid kit, medicines, and enough food and water supplies
  • Petrol should always be full. So, either choose a route that has petrol stations or carry a bottle with you.
  • Avoid tinted cars to witness the wildlife around you in its natural colors. 
  • Be mindful of animals crossing the road. Remember, you are driving in AFRICA.
  • Avoid driving after dark because;
  1. Streetlights might not be available, depending on where you are driving.
  2. Animals are active
  3. Routes after sunset could be dangerous.
Tourists on a Safari

Tourists on a Safari, Image Source: SavannahExplorers.Net

Self-Drive Holidays and Safaris in Tanzania

Famous for its game reserves, self-drive in Tanzania is an absolute treat to the eyes. The beautiful exotic beaches of Zanzibar, spectacular view of the vast Mount Kilimanjaro, and the great migration of wildebeests in the vast plains of Serengeti and Maasai Mara – all are worth seeing during a self-driven trip. Mentioned below are details of some unmissable self-drive safaris in Tanzania:

Serengeti National Park – a park that hosts one of the most iconic migrations in the world. A large number of grazers travel from Tanzania to Kenya in search of grass and water. Predators, on the other hand, wait patiently to pick off the weak and beat – just like the scenes you watch on National Geographic! 

Type of cars allowed: Land Cruiser
Best time to travel: January to February or from June to September
Entrance fee for Serengeti: 

  1. $70.80 per person for 24 hours 
  2. $20 per day for a Land Cruiser

Note: The entrance fee includes territories of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Natron, and Selous Game Reserve. Cash and debit cards are not accepted. Payments are made at the entrance via credit cards (Visa or Mastercard). Prior booking is encouraged to avoid inconveniences.

4x4 Jeep Safari

4×4 Jeep Safari, Image Source: AfricaDreamSafaris.Com

Tarangire National Park – a perfect self-drive trip for elephant lovers! This park offers brilliant game viewing with stunning sceneries and is well worth adding to the list of places to visit.

Type of cars allowed: Land Cruiser, RAV4, any closed safari vehicle with a pop-up roof
Best time to travel: July to October (dry season) 
Entrance fee for Tarangire: 

  1. $53.10 per person for 24 hours
  2. $20 per day for a Land Cruiser and $10 for RAV4

Note: The entrance fee includes territories of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Natron, and Selous Game Reserve. Prior bookings are encouraged to avoid inconveniences.

Self Drive Safari

Self Drive Safari, Image Source: SpareTimeTravel.Com

Self-Drive Holidays and Safaris in Kenya

Boasting over 50 national parks and reserves, Kenya is an extraordinary country for a self-drive safari. From plains and deserts to mountainous areas and the Rift Valley, these parks cater to safe, natural habitats for Kenya's diverse wildlife. Mentioned below are details of the best bets of self-drive safaris in Kenya:

Maasai Mara – prolific wildlife and excellent game viewing opportunities, the Maasai Mara is a beautiful national reserve. 
Type of cars allowed: Toyota Land cruiser

Best time to travel: Mid-June to October (peak season), November to February (high season) 
Entrance fee for Maasai Mara:     

  1. $80 per person (staying outside the park), $70 per person for 24 hours (staying inside the park)
  2. $10 per entry for the safari vehicle

Note: The Maasai Mara ecosystem comprises three broad sections. Hence prices are inclusive of the areas.

Maasai Mara Jeep Safari

Maasai Mara Jeep Safari, Image Source: AfrikaanToursSafaris.Com

Amboseli National Park – famous for its large elephant herds and dramatic views over Mount Kilimanjaro. This park is the perfect destination for photographers on account of rich wildlife.

Best time to travel: June to October (dry season)
Entrance fee for Amboseli:

  1. $75 Adult and $40 child (high season), $60 adult and $30 child (regular season) 
  2. 6 seat vehicles: 300/=Ksh, 6-12 seats: 1030/=Ksh, 13-24 seats: 2585/=Ksh, 25-44 seats: 4050/=Ksh, 45 and more seats 5000/=Ksh.
Elephants at Amboseli National Park

Elephants at Amboseli National Park, Image Source: SafariDesire.Com

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to East Africa to enjoy these self-drive safaris! Don’t forget to check out important health and vaccination rules for East Africa prior to your traveling plans.

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