Solo Adventures: Top 10 Things To Do Alone In Tanzania

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Tanzania is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, with diverse landscapes, rich history, mouth watering food, serene beaches, crystalline oceans, lush vegetation, spectacular wildlife, exotic flora and fauna, friendly locals, exciting safaris, and breathtaking views. This beautiful country should be on every traveller’s wish list, as it is a perfect destination for adventure lovers. An exciting experience to try is to enjoy a solo trip to Tanzania. Here are the top 10 things a visitor can do alone in Tanzania.

1. Visit the National Museum

Museums tell a lot about a region’s culture, history, and heritage, and should be seen by visitors who wish to have an enriching experience. Solo tourists can go to the National Museum of Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam where they can explore on their own, and reflect on everything they see. Tourists can enjoy privacy as they delve into the past and learn from it. They can find old wood carvings, a sacred fig tree, old wood carvings, ancient Chinese pottery, prehistoric rock art, fossil discoveries and archeological artefacts, ancient relics and coins, indigenous ebony masks, artefacts from British and German colonial rule, and ethnographic collections on indigenous Tanzanian cultures! If they get a guide, tourists are likely to join a group, who can collectively learn from experts on Tanzanian culture, history, and heritage.

2. Eat Street Food at Stone Town

Exploring in the winding streets and Swahili architecture of Stone Town is a peaceful and serene experience. One can go to Forodhani Night Food Market to enjoy street food such as samosa, mshikaki (meat skewers), coconut bean soup, Ugali and Nyama Choma (grilled meat), date nut bread, plantain soup, avocado shake, sugarcane juice, ginger tea, Uji (porridge), and Zanzibar pizza. Solo travellers can easily find delicious food while staying on a budget, and can explore multiple food options without having to cater to any companions. The solitude is fun, and tourists can eat to their heart’s desire! Tourists can also sit with locals, and form friendships with the vendors and shopkeepers, which can help them integrate into the local lifestyle and adjust to a new culture.

3. Watch the Great Migration

The Great Migration of two million wildebeests and other migratory animals is one of the most spectacular sights that a traveller can enjoy. One can witness the herds crossing the river, spot the predators on prey action during game season, see the tiny newborns, or watch the herds grazing on the landscape. The sight is magical, and solo travellers can quietly absorb the tranquil and extraordinary moment. If they have joined a travel group, they can use this sight as an opportunity to create meaningful connections and get to know a diverse group of people during such a life changing event!

4. Visit a Maasai Village

Cultural tours can enrich any trip to Tanzania. On a solo trip, tourists can interact with the locals, meet the village Chief, taste delicious traditional food, enjoy traditional singing and dancing performances, or even watch rituals and learn local skills such as hunting, usage of local tools, and fire preparation! Solo travellers are unrestricted, and can easily have one on one interactions with locals and use the opportunity to learn and grow!

5. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Standing at an elevation of 5869m, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, The stunning mountain is considered a paradise for trekking lovers, as it offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the jagged peaks and lush green vegetation. The unique habitat is home to rare life forms such as Kilimanjaro tree, and elephant flower, as well as exotic and beautiful migratory birds. Many travellers prefer hiking as groups, but travelling alone allows privacy and adds speed, as one is not held back by others. Safety is not a major concern, but for their own relief, visitors can keep contacts of emergency contacts in Tanzania. Solo travellers can also join groups, with whom they can learn how to hike, and collectively tackle the challenges that arise during such adventures!

6. Spot the Wildlife at Ngorongoro

Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Tanzania. During their solo trip, tourists can visit the beautiful park for an exciting safari and game drive, during which they can spot wildlife such as wildebeests, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals, and zebras, Tourists can also visit the nearby Olmoti Crater, where they can hike to enjoy an aerial view of the vibrant river valley, or reach the stunning and refreshing Olmoti waterfall! Since the coronavirus pandemic, solitude and alone-time has been treasured, so tourists can easily travel without the worry of getting infected by other group members.

7. Stay at the Zanzibari

At the stunning Nungwi Beach, The Zanzibari is a top rated boutique hotel where tourists can find private, comfortable, and well equipped rooms which come with facilities such as free WiFi, balconies with gorgeous views, a bar, a pool, snack bars, and the Dhow restaurant. Solo travellers can relax without any worries at the spa, where they can enjoy de-stressing treatments such as manicures, pedicures, skin care remedies, beauty treatments, and soothing massages for the head, back, hands, and legs. The solo travellers do not feel guilty about taking some time off for themselves and indulging in a relaxing care routine which allows them to unwind. Tourists can also relax at the beach, or enjoy activities such scuba diving, parasailing, and jet ski tours!

8. Enjoy a Safari at the Serengeti

Exploring the Serengeti is a great option for solo travellers and backpackers, as they can avail the affordable prices and enjoy a safari all on their own. The region is home to hippos, zebras, wild dogs, leopards, hyenas, rhinos, gazelles, elephants, herons, crocodiles, monkeys, cheetahs, wildebeests, and giraffes. Solo travellers can easily stay within budget as they can find cheap options for tours, accommodation, and food, so the trip is more cost effective. If they have found like minded people and are visiting with a travel group of diverse people from around the globe, they can share costs to stay within budget! People from different backgrounds also tend to bring their own knowledge, and tourists can share this to make their experience more enriching and life changing.

9. Go backpacking in Zanzibar

The stunning Zanzibar archipelago is a perfect location for backpackers as they can find affordable accommodation, cheap food, and low price activities and tours that allow them to have fun while staying on a budget. They can relax on pristine beaches, enjoy many different water sports such as sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and kayaking,  interact with locals to learn about the culture, or explore Stone Town. If the traveller is alone, it becomes easier to find time for self reflection and learning, so one can learn the local language or come up with creative and innovative ideas, inspired by the gorgeous town! Solo travellers can also stay at cheaper hostels where they can meet many kinds of people including both foreigners and locals, and avail options such as shared kitchens, where they can interact with each other while preparing their own affordable and hygienic food. Many tours on Zanzibar’s beaches form groups, so solo travellers can use this chance to meet new kinds of people. In the company of random strangers, tourists can go through extraordinary and unforgettable moments and experiences, which allow them to bond and create deep connections with new people, and expand their horizons.

10. Enjoy Boating at Lake Manyara

Solo travellers can enjoy a soothing and tranquil experience at Lake Manyara where they can go on a boat ride in the beautiful lake. Tourists can spot exotic birdlife such as eagles, herons, flamingoes, hornbills, ibises, and kingfishers. As they are alone, solo travellers are free to decide their own itinerary, and can choose to spend as long as they want as the breathtaking and serene location. Travelling alone can also boost their self esteem and make them feel happy and empowered, as they are independent and in control, and are surrounded by nature in this relaxing and soothing destination!

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