Your Guide To Zanzibar’s Spice Farm Experience

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The Zanzibar Spice Farm Experience

Your visit to Zanzibar would be definitely incomplete without a tour of the spice farms that are a distinct part of the town's ancient history.  Zanzibar Spice tours offer a thorough introduction to the lush botanical heritage of the region. You will discover many rare spices and their uses, apart from serving as food flavourings, and marvel at the curative possibilities that could be found in some of the spices.

Indeed, the ancient people without the discovery of modern science lived a long and healthy life dependent on these spices. Here are some of the exciting spice farms you should check out on your trip to Zanzibar.

Kidichi Spice Farm

You would have a great time touring the spice farm and taking in all the knowledge shared by the informative guides. You would be able to touch and smell the herbs, spices, and fruits. At the end of the tour, they provide some interesting entertainment which involves decorating you in garlands made from leaves, you would be provided with some snacks laced with the spices, you would be invited to taste some herbal teas and you would also get some fruits like pomelo and coconuts. You would have to pay an entrance fee. However, purchasing spices at the farm is not mandatory.

Kidichi Spice Farm

Kidichi Spice Farm

Kizimbani Spice Farm

They provide a 90-minute engaging tour that brings you so close to nature. You would explore the sights and sounds of the Spice farm and even enjoy the spectacle of seeing someone climb a coconut tree expertly. You would find the historical stories surrounding the different spices interesting and educative. At the end of the tour, a vegetarian lunch is offered. You would also be able to buy spices, herbs and soaps and oils on display.

Kizimbani Spice Farm

Kizimbani Spice Farm

Tangawizi Spice Farm

A tour at this spice farm will give you an authentic experience. From the warmth of the villagers who are the tour guides adds to the pleasing experience as they seem to sincerely enjoy showing you around. It would almost be like a dreamlike experience waiting beneath the coconut tree for the climber to bring the coconut down and relishing the cool feeling of the liquid down your throat, fresh from its source. They allow you to collect small samples of the spices throughout the tour and the guide gives adequate information about their medicinal properties. You are provided with daintily decorated baskets to carry your samples of spice in and you would feel like a prince or princess of nature decorated with beautiful necklaces and leaves. They also have a number of nice souvenirs to take home with you after the tour which includes soaps, oils, incense, and spices all made from natural ingredients.

Tangawizi Spice Farm<

Tangawizi Spice Farm

Big Body with Tatata Spice Farm

Although this place is not a full-fledged farm, the pleasant experience is not in any way reduced. The site has a sample of trees planted and the guides would take you through the history and use of each of them, including amusing stories or anecdotes that are related to them. Then, at the end of the tour, you would be treated to a spread of fruits to be tasted. They do not require an entrance fee but it is expected that you tip the guides generously.

Big Body with Tatata Spice Farm

Big Body with Tatata Spice Farm

HakunaMatata Spice Farm

This spice farm is located about 9 miles northeast of Stone Town, in Dole Village and it features a wide variety of spices such as black pepper, ginger, lemongrass, vanilla, cinnamon, turmeric and more. The farm has a guide that will take you through the dense labyrinth of bushes, trees, and sweet-smelling vines. The farm does not export its main products, it mainly for tours. You will learn about each spice, discover their unique stories and their uses.  After your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to taste a delicious traditional meal prepared with some of the spices.

HakunaMatata Spice Farm

HakunaMatata Spice Farm

Advice Get The Best Out of Your Spice Tour Experience

While Tanzanian locals are known for being honest and friendly, as a tourist its always good to be a bit savy so you don't get the short end of the stick. Follow these little tips and you'll be sure to go away smiling with lots of positive stories to tell.

1. Arranging The Tour

While it might be quite simple and direct arranging the tour through an agency, it may also make it more costly. A good way to cut around this is by arranging with local taxi drivers. They would be able to recommend the best spice farms around to visit and you get to bargain your price.

2. No Guilt Purchase

Even though the guides at the spice farm will suggest that you buy some spices and other souvenirs, they are usually not forceful about it. Thus, you should not feel it is compulsory for you to buy or go a buying spree of spices you have no use for. It should also be noted that the spices on display at the spice farms are usually more expensive and you can get cheaper ones in stores around Zanzibar.

Enjoy Your Aromatic Adventure

Spice tours in Zanzibar are a must do for every traveller visiting this region especially if you are a foodie. It's also a great way to take the taste of Tanzania back home with you.

We'd love to hear from you If you have anything to add to our list or would like to tell us about your experience give us a shout!

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