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Kenya offers some of the most pristine coastlines on African content with unrestricted access to the gorgeous Indian Ocean. This seaside playground with clear warm waters is great for swimming, cruises, snorkelling and even extreme water sports like surfing. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a beginner on the board Kenya offers a range of beaches all with their own levels of difficulty to give anyone a challenging wave to surf.

Finding the right surf for your skillset can be quite challenging with not many local surf guides available at the various beaches but thankfully we've put together a little Kenyan surfers guide with a detailed break down of 9 of the top surf spots in Kenya.


Kenya’s Best Surf Spots

A surfer on the waves, Image Source: Pixabay.Com

Which Kenyan Cities or Islands Are best for surfing? 

Surfing is one of the most exciting activities that one can partake in. For those wanting to surf in Kenya, we have listed the best Kenyan surf spots, and found the best time of the year for surfing!

Which Kenyan Cities or Islands Are best for surfing?

1. Malindi Bay

North of Mombasa, Malindi Bay is a beach break with fun lefts and rights. This surf spot is great for all surfers, as beginners can enjoy the small swell and experienced surfers can get barreled in the bigger swells. The bay has waves between 3-8 feet, and 50-150 metres in season. The bay is easily accessible from Malindi Airport, and the best time to go is in May and June.

2. Watamu Bay

Watamu Bay

Watamu Bay, Image Source: Pixabay.Com

Watamu Bay is one of Kenya’s top surf spots. Perfect for experienced surfers, it allows visitors to escape the crowds and enjoy surfing in right and left directions. The ideal time to visit this reef coral surfing spot is in May and June. It has waves up to 6 feet, with length from 50-150 metres.

3. Shanzu Beach

Surfing at Shanzu Beach is filled with fun and excitement, as waves go from 3 to 9 feet in length. While there is a rare risk of sharks, the sight is a great surfing spot due to the coral reef!

4. Mombasa Channel

Another reef coral spot with right and left directions, Mombasa Channel is an exciting surf spot for experienced surfers. They have to be careful of freight ships as it is located near the harbour, but this stunning destination offers scenic views, as well as a lot of fun!

Mombasa Channel

Mombasa Channel, Image Source: Pixabay.Com

5. Kiwayu

This surf spot has some good set-ups with reefs. The beautiful beach is good for surfing, although the outside reefs may filter the swell, that makes surfing easier for beginners!

6. Manda Island

Another one of Kenya’s best surf spots, Manda Island has wonderful beaches. Manda Lefts can be very long with racy sections over the live coral and it picks up the most swell in Kenya. For surfers of all levels, this spot is great for the exciting water sport!

7. Baobabs

These reef rocky spots allow a left direction and are great for surfing in the months of May and June. They are not crowded, and as the waves are not very big, they are suitable for beginners!



Baobabs, Image Source: Pixabay.Com

8. Shela Beach

This scenic surf spot is lined with hotels and a stretch of rolling sand dunes. Shela Beach is one of the more consistent beach breaks, bigger at the south end, but surfers should beware of currents and wildlife near the river mouth. Shela is one of the top surfing spots in Kenya!

9. Nyali Beach

The tropical climate of Nyali makes surfing possible throughout the year, with January, February, July, and August being the best months. Wavelengths at high tides go up to 9-13 feet.

Nyali Beach

Nyali Beach, Image Source: Pixabay.Com


Best Sites for daily surf reports?

⦁ Surfline provides accurate and comprehensive reports for thousands of spots all around the world and gives the information necessary for surf forecasting. With hourly updates, is free, easy to use, and one of the best sites for daily surf reports.

⦁ Windguru displays swell size and direction, sea temperature, wind gusts, and all other wind and weather information necessary for surf forecasting. is extremely detailed, and provides hourly updates!

⦁ Windfinder provides detailed forecasts for over 40,000 locations across the world, allowing surfers to find the spot with the best wind, waves, and weather conditions. ⦁ gives detailed forecasts, swell, wind, and wave maps, and an email alert system that notifies the surfer when the waves are going to pump!

⦁ is the largest online surf forecasting site in the world, which provides weather and wave forecasts for over 5000 beaches. With live cams, detailed maps, and long-range swell forecasts, this is one of the best sites for daily surf reports!

Which time of year has the best swells?

The monsoon winds from December to March produce occasional wind swells. The monsoon winds create a 6 to 12 feet wind swell, from the months of June to September, which diminishes to 3 to 6 feet by the time it reaches the coast.

The best time to visit most of these Kenyan surfing spots is in the months of May, June, July, and August!

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