The most in-demand careers in Kenya

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Skills shortages are a real issue for many countries and Kenya is no exception. As the global community pushes on to make strides in science and technology some countries just cannot keep up with the considerable pace at which things are changing. Many jobs that are now seen as key roles did not exist 10 years ago and educational systems and businesses need to catch up. In the meantime, companies who want to remain competitive need to look at sourcing talent from across the borders and are making attractive offers to entice possible recruits. 

Whether you’re currently looking for a new job or you’re preparing yourself for a career change in the upcoming months, it’s always helpful to know which industries are making hiring headlines and if your skill set is a match. 

Skills in demand

There are range posts that are currently “considered” rare as we cannot meet the local demand. So what are the jobs they at we cannot supply locally?

1 Law

Although the positions are not well advertised, the law is a very marketable profession. This is because the jobs for lawyers are readily available as there is a high demand. Criminal and Defence Lawyers are well rewarded for their representation in defending people in Kenya courts. Lawyers definitely rake it in, in East Africa While judges are among the highest paid people in Kenya. If you are a lawyer it's best you speak to specialist headhunters and recruiters to land your dream job.

2. Engineering

Engineering combined with information technology is another field where people are paid well with the country striving to catch up with the rest of the developed world, the need for engineers cannot be over-emphasized. It matters what engineering specialization one venture into but new developments also play a part in how much you can earn. For example with the recent discoveries of oil geo-spatial energy engineers & electrical engineers are growing in demand while the massive infrastructural developments to modernize and improve cities are also projects crying out for civil and structural engineers.

3. Medicine and Pharmaceutical

Kenya’s doctor to patient ratio is dismal, which means the health and social work sector report huge skills demand medical personnel, particularly doctors nurses and midwives. This is a field where you will not miss employment in Kenya because after training, doctors are usually absorbed by the government and they are paid well but even with the local supply of doctors it still isn't enough to service the growing population. 

4. Architects

As mentioned earlier with the massive demand for infrastructural development benefiting structural and civil engineers, Architects also fall into this skills shortage for popular multi-million Dollar contracts being offered for city upgrades and new developments. Architects are the people who are involved planning, designing and overseeing the entire construction of buildings and are highly valued and paid handsomely for these services.

5. Marketing and advertising

This is a field that involves auditing and management of money in large organisations both private and governmental such as chief internal auditors of the finances in county governments in Kenya. Large companies want to get their brands out there and sell their products and services and many are willing to pay big money to professionals who can help them secure large contracts. Some even offer additional perks, including company phones, computers, cars and travel opportunities.

6. Audit and finance

Many companies are putting more emphasis on finances as they eye international markets and try to secure funding. Accountants play a critical role in helping businesses keep their books in order and are needed by both small and large businesses. This is a field that is core to any business yet this fundamental duty is understaffed in the country, so much so that professionals are generally dictating their terms to companies with many employed in this sector acting as consultants.

7. NGO's and social research

NGOs are known around the region for offering competitive pay, good perks, flexibility, and opportunities for international travel especially for those who can look at it from a macro level. Specialists who deal with evaluation and monitoring and creating sustainability and social reports for non-governmental organisations can earn a lot from this type of work as they are employed on a consultancy basis.

8. Media, communication and public relation

Kenya us starved of quality content and those who generate content are gaining mass audiences simply becasue the competition is so low. From news, entertainment and sports media they all seem to be lucarative postiions to be in whereth you are infront or behind the camera, newspaper, magaizne or media site. It is also worth mentioning that media sites are growing in East Africa and are by far some of the most popular local sites by sheer vistior volumes.

9. Procurement

Procurement is an emerging field in East Africa, and the market is currently starved of professionals. Those who specialize in it can typically find jobs easily while those who are working in the central government departments or county government as a procurement officer, are secured with lucrative salaries.

10. Digital marketing

Companies in East Africa are waking up to the digital frontier and realise that establishing an online presence is critical for gaining new customers. When it comes to promoting your website online companies need to turn to digital marketers make that happen. Digital marketing is an emerging field that requires search engine skills, social media skills, an understanding of online platforms, and a mind for analytics.

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