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Kenya is a country with plenty of cultural heritage. You can buy many things from Kenya, such as footwear, clothes, and local artifacts. Purchasing souvenirs isn’t just about preserving memories; it’s also about getting the most out of your holiday destination and purchasing something unique and exclusive to that location alone.

When you think about shopping you want to know where all your shopping can be sorted and the price. Therefore, while in Kenya, you are not supposed to be worried, whether it’s about crazy shopping centers, excellent malls, or street markets. We’ve got you sorted with the shopping guide in Kenya in this article.

What Are Crazy Street Markets in Kenya?

City Market

The City Market, situated at Muindi Mbingu Street and Market Road, is a mix of active street stalls and wet markets. If you’re wondering where to shop in Nairobi, Kenya, this is the place to go. Everything is available at very sensible rates, from veggies, roses, and meat to wooden carved buildings, artworks, and soap-stone artwork.

Maasai Market

In every corner of the country, you must see Maasai Market. There are many cultures to turn you crazy within the streets of Kenya, and imagine it’s at very reasonable prices. Some of the products in Maasai Market include curios, African jewelry, and decoration items. Figure out what you are interested in and get lifetime products from the streets of Kenya.

Gikomba Market

Gikombo market is one of the amazing markets when it comes to clothes. The famous “Mtumba” clothes are in plenty in this market at a very low price. While in Kenya, get some time and visit the market.

Biashara Market

When you visit Mombasa town in Kenya, Biashara market is the place for you. It’s located in the downtown part of Mombasa. Some of the commodities in this market are Kikoys and Khangas; all sold reasonably.

Old Town Market

In Mombasa’s old town, you may find the greatest of traditional Kenyan goods. Here, you’ll discover anything from fabrics, footwear, jewelry, decorative pieces, and domestically produced flavors and scents to give as gifts to your friends.

What Are the Best Shopping Malls in Kenya?

Westgate Mall

Westgate mall has a most luxurious shopping experience with a food court, kids playing spaces, and stores with artworks from the locals. The Mall holds a lot of engagements for every age group.

Village Market

The village market is a blend of the Mall and open market, which offers you a fantastic shopping experience. There are a lot of stalls in the village market offering shoes, fabrics, accessories, jewelry, and fabrics. As you move from one stall to the other, you get to see hut-like structures and many entertainment avenues.

The Hub Karen Mall

Hub Karen Mall is a beautifully structured mall that has everything in there. This Mall has everything you need, from entertainment and fun activities to medical services, branded retailers, and eateries. Find a time and visit Karen Hub for amazing shopping.

Two Rivers Mall

Two Rivers Mall is the largest shopping center in Sub-Saharan and Central Africa. With attractions such as the Magic Planet entertainment center and the VOX theater, as well as gastronomic outlets and shops, you can easily spend an entire day within this wonderful Mall. You can also enjoy 3 star and 5-star hotels and accommodations at Two Rivers Mall.

Garden City

Garden City Mall is situated along Thika Super Highway. The Mall is a host to more than 100 stores offering Kenyan and International brands. Garden City Mall integrates recreational, retail, residential, and offices. You will not be bored in this Mall because there are antique stores, supermarkets, electronic stores, jewelry stores, movie theaters, cafes, health services, and fashion shops.


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