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TripIndigo provides you with everything you need to plan your next trip to East Africa. Tanzania and Kenya are unique places to visit. They offer a range of activities to explore and discover. TripIndigo can assist you in planning your trip, whether you want a luxury, safari-packed experience or a budget-friendly backpacking adventure. TripIndigo provides you with all the information you need – booking details, tickets, passes, and secure payments for flights, car rentals, experience tours and transfers.


To give you a kickstart in planning your next trip to East Africa, here are some things to keep in mind:

Travel Requirements

There are some preliminary requirements before you travel to Tanzania or Kenya.

  1. Although your airline may not require you to get a COVID-19 PCR test, it will make the entry process much smoother
  2. Obtain a tourist visa for Tanzania or Kenya separately. Tanzania is not included in the East Africa Visa.
  3. It will be compulsory to show a Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate


  1. It is also recommended to get vaccinations for the following:
    1. Hepatitis A and B
    2. Typhoid
    3. Rabies
    4. Polio
    5. Tetanus
    6. Influenza
    7. Mumps and Rubella
    8. Pneumonia
  2. You will fill out an online Traveller Surveillance form before landing in Tanzania
  3. Purchase travel insurance (Travel advisors highly recommend it)


Ideal Time

The peak seasons in Kenya and Tanzania are between June to October. At this time, many tourists visit because it marks the beginning of the Great Migration, and it’s also the perfect season for game viewing. It will be crowded, and you will face higher rates on safaris, hotels, and everything else. You can still visit anytime from November to February. The prices will be lower and it will not be as crowded. It is not recommended to plan a trip near the end of March to May because East Africa experiences heavy rains during this season.


Things to Pack

Some essential items to pack with you to ensure you have a pleasant journey include:

  1. Appropriate clothing (in Tanzania, especially in Zanzibar, the Government requires tourists to wear modest clothing that covers their knees and shoulders. Tanzania is a conservative country, and it is a gesture of respect towards their culture.)
  2. DEET 40% or higher to protect yourself from the mosquitos
  3. Plenty of sunscreen and moisturizers
  4. Medication
  5. International Travel Adapter to charge your devices


Things to Keep in Mind While in East Africa

  1. Avoid walking out late at night.
  2. Always take the services of a tour guide. It may seem adventurous to drive on your own; however, some roads are in terrible conditions, and the locals are known to drive rashly.
  3. If you go out on your own, make sure you understand which routes to take and which regions to avoid. You can ask your hotel or tour guide for more information on danger zones.
  4. Pack bottled water when you are going out on safaris or excursions
  5. Always plan your travel timings, so you return to your hotel or resort before night time.
  6. Most importantly, have fun!

With TripIndigo, you can plan your perfect, safe, adventure-filled trip to East Africa. To get started, explore our various options. If you want to do more reading and research, check out our Comprehensive Safari Guide for Kenya.




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