12 Activities in Watamu That Will Make You Never Want to Leave!

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Fun Activities to Help You Get the Best of Watamu

Watamu is a beautiful small town, situated on the Indian Ocean Coast of Kenya. With reef-protected lagoons, pristine white-sand beaches, and a wide range of tourist attractions and ecotourism activities, the town offers something to appeal to everyone.

A perfect holiday in Watamu may include anything from spending a day on the beach, underwater exploration, adrenaline-inducing activities, or exploring the restaurants for a taste of seafood. Thus, if you’re planning your next holiday in Kenya, here are some things to do in Watamu.

1. Swimming with Dolphins

Just like you’ve seen it in the movies, swimming with Dolphins can also be done in Watamu on the Kenyan coast! A great place to indulge in this activity is the Watamu Marine Park and Reserve. Tribe Water Sports also do dolphin tours for visitors who want to watch or swim with them. They give instructions on how to go about it and when to do it, and it is an all-around fun experience.


Swimming with Dolphins Watamu, Image source: Tribe-watersports.com

2. Mida Creek Sunset Cruise

The Mida Creek is a wide broad water creek surrounded by mangroves and palm trees, stretching from the ocean into the Arabuko Sokoke forest. The creek is best explored by boat but you can also paddleboard through it. The absolute best way to blow your mind is to cruise through the creek at sunset. Your sundowner drink at hand, the sunset painting the water golden and a bird-filled sky is what romantic evenings are made of.


Mida Creek Sunset Cruise, Image Source: Buentema.org

3. Visit the Gedi Ruins

The Gedi Ruins are a historical site believed to be an abandoned city near the Indian Ocean and hidden from the world by a tropical forest. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get to learn about this ruin that was a Swahili settlement in the 13th century featuring stone houses, a grand mosque, and an impressive palace.


The Gedi Ruins

4. Visit the Local Ocean Trust

This is a conservation-focused trust found in Watamu interested in the protection of special marine areas and species that are endangered and most especially marine turtles. A visit to this trust gives you a peek into the work they do on anti-poaching patrols, nest protection and monitoring of the turtles. They are also home to the only marine turtle rehabilitation facility in East Africa.


One of the turtles monitored by the Local Ocean Trust, Image Source: Wondersofwatamu.com

5. Bio-Ken Snake Farm

For the reptile lovers, you would feel right at home in this reptile research centre which also happens to be home to the largest collection of snakes in the East Africa region. You can explore the farm to learn about these reptiles and their behaviours through a guided tour by their highly skilled snake farm experts. They also offer snake bites and anti-venom services.

6. Relax at Watamu Beach

Watamu is a literal paradise that keeps on giving. The Watamu beach is unpolluted and pristine and has a reputation for its lavish beach resorts. The waters are clear and turquoise and beautiful and there are plenty of beach bars and restaurants to enjoy nice Swahili delicacies and some palm wine.


Watamu Beach, Image Source: Harakaviaggi.it

7. Get Wild at Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Watamu is home to the largest remaining coastal forest in Eastern Africa. Some of Kenya’s rarest animals like the Sokoke Bushy-tailed mongoose, the golden-rumped elephant shrew, and Clarke’s duiker are found there. A bird watchers paradise, there are over 270 bird species and over 260 butterfly species in addition to the mammals and plant species. You can also enjoy nature walks, cycling, and hiking too.


Arabuko Sokoke Forest

8. Visit Marafa (Hell’s Kitchen)

Watamu is really just a fascinating gem. The Marafa depression is sometimes called Hell’s Kitchen  (not to be confused with the Hell's kitchen in Manhattan or the Gordan Ramsay's reality cooking show), because of the high temperatures in and around it. In the afternoons, for instance, the temperatures can get up to 50 degrees scorching. The rocks in the depression have three colours, red, yellow and white. A guided walk is advisable as the guides tell you about the legend and myth associated with this depression. Hell's Kitchen can also be easily accessed if you visiting Malindi.


Marafa (Hell's Kitchen)

9. Go Snorkelling

The Watamu Marine Park provides excellent conditions for snorkelling. The best time to experience this is during the low tides. There are a string of buoys that have been set up for boats to be tied up while visitors snorkel mostly in the central side of the park. There are beautiful coral reefs and a generous amount of fish species to be seen from underwater.


Snorkelling in Watamu

10. Horse Riding

Picture this unforgettable experience of riding a horse against the backdrop of a sandy beach and clear waters as the sun rises or sets in Watamu. It’s just magical!


Horse-riding on the beach, Image Source: Gites.fr

11. Scuba Diving

Watamu is pretty much a water sports haven and a dream destination for watersports lovers. There are about twenty diving sites during tides that are appropriate for all divers experienced or otherwise. You can explore beyond the coral reef after you’re done observing turtles, various fish species and proceed to get a glimpse of dolphins if you get lucky.


Scuba Diving

12. Deep Sea Fishing

High concentrations of bait, easily located predator fish, mountainous oceanic terrain have colluded to make Watamu a hotspot for deep sea fishing and a favourite spot for anglers. This is such an interesting activity that Watamu hosts tournaments that include hosting the world in the ILLTA World Championships. Fully equipped charter boats are available for these activities and professionals are at hand too to give guidance and direction.


Deep Sea Fishing

Enjoy Watamu to The Fullest!

Whether you choose to swim with the dolphins, relax on the beach or get up close and personal with some of Wtamu's historical sites, we assure you that a good time is waiting to be had!

We'd love to hear from you If you have anything to add to our list or would like to tell us about your experience give us a shout!

Share your experience with us! Tag @Tripindigo on your social posts #EastAfricaRocks or simply comment below!

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