Things You Must Consider Before You Plan Your Next Vacation

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The fun of life comes from the thrill of living, taking chances and experimenting with new things and by adding colour to the monotone painting of existence. Alas, being too reckless is often riskier than it is worth, so finding a balance here – like with all other things – is very important.

For example, a daring adventure to the eastern parts of Africa will be filled with adrenaline and excitement, but the shortsightedness of rushing into things and heading in blindly will only cause more issues and worries further down the road.



Planning your route is important so you don’t get lost or spend excessive time traveling. It’s pretty handy to keep a map – whether it be digital or physical – on you at all times.

Keep a rough idea in mind about which destinations you want to hit, but make sure your plans are flexible. You never know what delays could occur and it would also give you the open opportunity to explore more than just a few select items without having to worry about getting late.



Sadly, the saying of money doesn’t grow on trees is true, as you know, so being careful of your spending is important. Consider how much you are willing to spend before checking any prices and note that value down.  Next move onto how much the expenses of a trip similar to yours may costs. Then, add up the price of the plane tickets with an approximate of how much safaris and accommodation may cost. After that, check against your original budget. See if you can compromise on either cutting costs here and there or up your original budget. Make sure to leave aside a little extra money for emergencies.



The time of year you choose to travel in is vital in the planning procedure, especially since it affects the prices and the likeliness of choosing certain destinations. If wildlife is what you are after, mid-June to October would be an ideal time, with all the animals gathering closer to lakes and rivers due to the dry seasons.


What to Include in the Bucket List

East Africa is a bubbling pot of different activities and experiences, so in order to take full advantage of your trip you need to be sure to include a variety of things in your bucket list. Be ambitious – include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or heading to the Maasai Mara National Park and end with some island adventures off the coast near the Zanzibar Archipelago. Don’t forget to spend some time in the towns and villages to take in the local culture.


Emergency Cases

You never know what could happen, so if worst comes to worst you need to be able to make emergency calls, for this you need to make sure you have the appropriate emergency number for whichever countries you are visiting (example: 999 in Kenya and 112 for Tanzania) and a local sim.

Travel insurances do not cover travel scams, so keep your guard up and familiarize yourself with the exchange rates and be sure to try and avoid tourist traps.


Important Things to Note

Don’t Rush and Remember to Take Your Time

While it may be less time consuming to just keep on the road decided beforehand, wandering off the beaten track every now and then may lead to unchartered wonders, unspoken and hidden in the shadows of more popular places. Afterall, what fun is a trip with little to no detours?


Vaccinate Yourself Appropriately

There are quite a few vaccinations that are required, such as the polio vaccine, before you head on over to Africa. Make sure you have taken all the shots you need when you are ready to leave.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to East Africa and have the time of your life! Don’t forget to check the best of Kenya Safaris while you’re there!

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