5 Useful Hacks to Help Deal with the Heat on Safari in Kenya

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One of the best holiday adventures imaginable is going on an African safari and Kenya is an excellent choice your dream vacation. For starters, Tripindigo previously mentioned that Nairobi National Park is very special because it’s the only national park of its kind within a capital city, allowing tourists to enjoy a safari just minutes away from the urban centre. But wherever you choose to go on safari, it’s important to understand that these locations are often preserved as raw and pristine as possible. For this reason, most safari parks and nature reserves don’t have the comforts and luxuries common to most humans.

Aside from the missing amenities, another thing you really have to take into account is the heat. Last year, Kenya was among the warmest countries in the world, and 2017 was considered the hottest in recent memory. It took a huge toll even on the locals, which means foreign tourists are as prone – if not more – to the dangers of high temperatures.

To help you make the most out of your safari trip, here are 5 useful hacks to help deal with the heat in Kenya.

How To Keep Cool On Safari

1. Wear Light And Comfortable Clothes

Pack and wear light and comfortable clothes, although not necessarily skin-baring ones, because chances are you’ll trail through thorny bushes and thick trees. Forbes suggests going for neutral-coloured clothing because they are cooler than black or dark garments, and allow you to blend in with the surroundings to avoid distracting the wild animals.

2. Put On Sunscreen With The Right SPF

To save your skin encountering painful sunburn, use sunblock. Although, make sure you bring one with at least SPF50 as it's the most recommended to protect you from the infamous African sun. Reapply every two hours. It may be tedious, but at the end of your trip, your skin will thank you.

3. Bring A Container Of Ice Blocks

To avoid dehydration, bring along a container or a jug for drinking, which is crucial since you might not find an establishment that provides refreshments. To keep your drinking water cold, one thing you can do is to put ice blocks in your container and just let them melt while you’re enjoying your Kenyan safari.

4. Soak Your Hat

You can also take another jug with regular/tap water, and follow Saga Magazine’s hack about taking a hat and soaking it in water when the heat gets really intense during your safari. This will help you avoid the risk of a heat stroke. Aside from your hat, you can also soak a towel or any extra piece of cloth and wipe yourself to stay cool.

5. Cool Your Room

The safari trip, coupled with the heat, can be taxing on your body, so it’s important to have your well-deserved sleep at the end of the day. Regardless of where you're staying, it’s imperative to have a cool sleeping space to promote quality rest. Leesa indicates anywhere between 66-70 degrees F is the best temperature for sleeping. If you're in the city such as Nairobi, you can find air-conditioned accommodation options. Otherwise, there are lodges and campsites with power services that can provide an electric fan for a fee.

All in all, don’t let the heat affect the fun you have on safari in Kenya. Just follow the steps on how to deal with the country’s hot climate to have the best experience possible, and build everlasting memories.

Tell Us About Your Adventure

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