Top 10 Activities You Must Not Miss in Kenya

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Kenya is one of the greatest destinations to visit if you plan your first safari. The excursions are quite reasonable, the country is full of gorgeous national parks and scenery, and there are many more options for adventure than a safari in another country.

Here are the Top 10 Activities You Must Not Miss in Kenya, from game drives to mountaineering gorges to riding across a savanna full of wildlife.

Spot Black And White Rhinos at Lake Nakuru

Since black rhinos prefer to be alone and away from other animals and people, they are more difficult to spot. Fortunately, Lake Nakuru isn’t that large, and you’ll eventually come upon one.

At Lake Nakuru, white rhinos abound, and you’ll find them munching on grasses and bushes along the main road. Unlike their near relatives, the black rhinos, they are accustomed to humans and are not afraid of them.

Lake Naivasha

The Great Rift Valley’s highest point, Lake Naivasha, is a birder’s paradise. Here you can observe jacanas, African fish eagles, white-fronted bee-eaters, and various species of kingfishers.

Visit the city of Takwa.

Visiting the Takwa ruins, which are the relics of the 15th century Swahili trading town, is undeniably one of the top things to do in Kenya for history fans. The city’s well-preserved ruins reveal much about that period’s occupation.

Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum is a superb one-stop-shop for exhibitions on Kenya’s history, natural history, culture, and modern art. Botanic gardens on the premises will also appeal to green thumbs.

A Visit to Mombasa

A causeway, bridges, and ferries connect Mombasa to the mainland, where it is rapidly expanding. Coral reefs run over 480 kilometers down the coast, giving excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities, particularly at Mombasa Marine National Park and near Wasini Island.

Watch the Great Migration in Masai Mara

One of the most amazing things to do in Kenya on a budget is to watch the world-famous “Great Migration” at the Masai Mara National Reserve.

A game drive, a horseback safari, a strolling tour, an airplane flight, or a hot air balloon ride are all excellent ways to see the “Great Migration.”.

Shop at Masai Market

Go shopping at the famous Maasai Market if you have a shopaholic soul. A wide range of retailers can sell various things at low, bargainable costs.

Maasai sandals, Kiondos, Shukas, sculptures, artworks, beaded jewelry, and belts are among the most highly recommended goods to purchase at the Maasai Market.

Quad Biking at Lake Baringo


Baringo Lake is a beautiful freshwater lake located 90 minutes north of Nakuru city. Quad riding around the lake and its surroundings is one of the best methods to discover it and its surroundings.

The tea-colored water of Lake Baringo and the 13 immaculate islands that dot the waterbody can be seen during your quad bike excursion.

Hike at Mt Kenya

Enjoying a hiking trek to Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-highest mountain peak, is one of the most suggested things in Kenya on a budget. Climbing Mt. Kenya will take you to a height of 5,199 meters above sea level and provide a unique experience.
Visit Shimba Hills National Reserve

The well-known Shimba Hills National Reserve should be visited by any nature lovers visiting Kenya. You can spend your time exploring the area’s abundant flora and fauna during your visit to this enormous coastal forest.

Jet skiing at Diani Beach

If you enjoy the thrill of rushing across the lake, jet skiing in Diani is for you. Wear a life jacket, board a jet ski, and zoom through the turquoise seas at the picturesque Diani Beach. If you’ve done this before, you may put your abilities to the test by performing amazing feats on your jet ski while riding across the sea.


Kenya is a stunning and diversified country known for its spectacular wildlife and thrilling safaris. This country, however, has a lot more amazing things to offer. Countless waterfalls, lovely coastal cities, lush woods, lake settlements, and much With Tripindigo, you may marvel at Kenya’s splendor.

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