Top 10 Beaches in Tanzania for Serene Vacation

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Tanzania’s magnificence can be summed up by its ancient towns, amazing national parks, interesting culture, exotic animals, and magnificent safaris. Although it is the best place to see lions and wildebeests in African jungles, there is more to this treasure than meets the eye. Few people know that Tanzania has a wide variety of spectacular beaches due to its unique and expansive coastline. Tanzania has many beaches that merit just as much consideration from tourists as its game reserves and historical monuments. Let’s look into the Top 10 Beaches in Tanzania for Serene Vacation.

Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar

The town of Kendwa is located about 3 kilometers south of Nungwi and overlooks the neighboring Daloni Island. The beach is lovely and clean, and there is plenty of beache touts selling’seafari’ tours and souvenirs. It also has a variety of water sports and hosts Zanzibar’s monthly Full Moon Party.   The calm flowing waves offer an open invitation for a safe swim.

Paje Beach Zanzibar

Paje, located on Zanzibar’s eastern coast, features a lengthy stretch of pristine white sand beach. Strong winds are common in this region, making it an excellent place to learn to kitesurf. Paje beach in Zanzibar is less crowded than the other beaches but still offers a vibrant social scene ideal for single travelers. At low tide, the beach at Paje is only a few feet wide, and local women can be seen walking down it to collect seaweed for use in making soap. However, the beach almost completely disappears during high tide.

Utende  Beach, Mafia Island

Located just off the southeast coast of Dar es Salaam, this is a great alternative to Zanzibar for beachgoers who are interested in exploring the underwater world. This island is friendly despite its unappealing name, and mafia is the Arabic word for “out yonder” from the early Middle Ages. The Mafia Island Marine Park is the most popular destination on the island, and it covers almost half of the island’s coastline. The Utende beach is considered to be the park’s “center and soul.

Sange Beach , Pangani.

Tanzania’s best-kept secret is this beach. Sange is a wide, quiet bay of white sand that lies between Pangani and the Saadani National Park and is genuinely off the usual path. While you’re there, explore the mangrove swamp, look for dolphins off the coast, and ride a boat to adjacent Maziwe Island. This is a tiny, secluded sandbar that is only reachable during low tide because it is encircled by a massive coral reef. 

Misali Island beach, Pemba 

This beach on Pemba Island’s southwest coast is perfect for solitude seekers. The beach is uninhabited and seems like your own private island. The coral life and tranquility make a visit worthwhile. Take photos that look like postcards from paradise and sip a sundowner while listening to the beach sounds—bliss!

Mbudya Beach

It’s a great escape from Tanzania’s capital city. Located only 20 minutes by boat from Dar es Salaam, this deserted island defies all expectations. A variety of blues complement the white sands of its beaches. 

Beach on Fanjove Island

This island is located around 140 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam and is as private as it gets. One of the world’s most isolated and exclusive beach resorts, there are only six eco-friendly bandas (tents) with a maximum of 12 guests at any given time. Enjoy the genuine and personal atmosphere without the conveniences of air conditioning or television. Fanjove Island is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, a quiet beach where you can watch dolphins year-round and have an authentic experience.

Beach at Jimbizi, Kilwa Masoko

The “beach of beaches” may be found in this port town in southeast Tanzania.   Jimbizi beach has powdery sand, a few baobab trees, and during low tide, you may walk from one sand bar to another. Visit the historic Swahili ruins on the adjacent Kilwa Kisiwani island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you put your snorkel on, you may expect to view a wide variety of marine life because Kilwa means “Place of Fish”!

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

The busy fishing village of Nungwi, 56km north of Zanzibar Town, is the dhow-building center. There is no credible ranking of the top beaches in the world that does not include this one. There are many things to do at Nungwi, including seaside guesthouses, restaurants, and rustic beach bars.

Prison Island Beach 

This building served as a “jail” until it was converted into a quarantine facility for potential yellow fever sufferers in 1894. Small and serene, the beach is ideal for a leisurely stroll or for viewing wildlife. Visitors can pet and feed Aldabra gigantic turtles, some of which are well over 100 years old, at this highly-liked day-trip location. The reef in front of the beach is typically snorkeled when there, although they had you at “huge turtles.” The Swahili name for a fish, Changuu Island, is another name for Prison Island.

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