Top 10 Destinations for Budget Travelers in Tanzania

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Tanzania is a unique, colourful, and breathtaking country that will captivate you the moment you land. It is a beautiful, life-changing experience that every avid traveller should take. Although, when you think of Tanzania, expensive safaris, fancy resorts, and exotic excursions come to mind. You may feel you don’t have the budget to travel to Tanzania; however, this is not the case. You can travel to Tanzania on a budget. One of the best things about Tanzania is the robust public transportation systm within the cities and the cheap dala-dalas network.


These are the top ten destinations for budget travellers in Tanzania.

  1. Zanzibar – You can visit any serene, scenic, and breathtaking beaches to have a nice day relaxing and taking in the sun. The beaches at Zanzibar will captivate you so much that you will not want to leave. Zanzibar also has many budget-friendly hotels near the beaches.


  1. Paje – Located in the southern parts of Zanzibar, Paje is a peaceful and beautiful village still influenced by Swahili tradition. You will find beautiful traditional buildings here, made with palm leaves and roofs made of straw or other similar materials. Apart from the exploratory journey, you can also spend time at the beautiful beaches in Paje.


  1. Stone Town – An iconic and beautiful marketplace, Stone Town is located in Zanzibar. It is a shoppers paradise where you can find local and cultural clothing, jewelry, footwear, decoration pieces, and many more items at bargain prices. Stone Town is also a visually appealing marketplace, with unique architectural buildings and great restaurants with scenic views. You can also visit the Fort, the Palace Museum, Livingstone’s House, and the House of Wonders while in Stone Town.


  1. Arusha – Arusha is the center of any Tanzania travel itinerary as it connects many of the well-known safari locations. It is also located near the picturesque Mount Kilimanjaro. The city’s life, backdrop, and overall beauty make it a great place to visit. The Maasi Market is a budget-friendly marketplace that you should visit to shop for souvenirs and local products. Arusha is also known for its coffee plantations.


  1. Mount Meru – Although it may not have the same prestige as Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is a towering beauty of nature. You can trek Mount Meru, which is less crowded as compared to Mount Kilimanjaro and a bit cheaper as well.


  1. Moshi – Similar to Arusha, Moshi is another beautiful village near Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi offers many attractions to visit and explore, including Lake Chala, Marangu Falls, Materuni Falls, and the Kikuletwa Hot Springs.


  1. Dar es Salaam – Dar es Salaam is the bustling economic and trade hub of Tanzania. The city will allow you to indulge in various educational journeys through the many museums, and there are many budget-friendly hotels you can book during your stay. You can also travel to many other places from Dar es Salaam (for example, taking a ferry to Pemba).


  1. Kariakoo Market – Kariakoo Market is a budget-friendly market in Dar es Salaam where you can buy many items, including clothes, cosmetics, and accessories, at budget-friendly prices.


  1. Pemba – Pemba is another scenic, but less popular island. The beaches are quieter and better for some time away from the busy beaches of Zanzibar. You can take a ferry from Dar es Salaam, a much cheaper option than taking a flight.


  1. Tarangire National Park – Compared to other safari expeditions, Tarangire National Park is budget-friendly while still being just as magical and adventurous. The park is well-known for its baobab trees, rock paintings, and elephants.


Tanzania is an exciting country to visit, and you can do it on a budget while taking in everything it has to offer. You can also travel to Kenya, which is just as mesmerizing. If you are interested in visiting Kenya, read Take The Best of Kenya Safari.

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