Top 5 Kenya Safari Park and Wildlife Destinations of 2022/23

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When you think about the African safari, Kenya is one of the first places that comes to your mind. Kenya is the home of the African safari and the first country to introduce the Big 5 idea. If you want to see a wide variety of animals, Kenya is a must-visit trip. However, determining which parks and reserves to visit might be difficult. Keeping this in mind, you must be aware of some of Kenya’s greatest wildlife parks and reserves to make your safari as easy as possible.

Here are the Top 5 Kenya Safari Park and Wildlife Destinations of 2022/23.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

This reserve is regarded as the crown jewel of Kenya’s wildlife viewing zones. It is set in a diverse landscape of wooded savannah, broad grassland, and riverine forest. As a result, it is home to the biggest predator population all year. By extension, you will be able to observe a pride of lions and cheetahs hunting on the broad plains in this reserve. You will also spot leopards lurking in the trees, making your safari even more exciting.


You may ask when is best to visit the Masai Mara National Reserve. The best time to visit is from July to September when millions of wildebeests migrate over the Masai Mara River in what is known as the Great Migration. Nonetheless, the Masai Mara has some of the best camps and lodges, including the famous Governor’s camp, located along the Mara River. Such camps enable you to track wildebeest migration effectively. This is one of the  Five Must Do’s in Kenya.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru Park is the place to go if you enjoy bird-watching. You may observe thousands of flamingos congregating around the lake and many other bird species that call the park home. It is reported that the number of flamingos found here has recently decreased dramatically. Nonetheless, the figure is estimated to be about 1.5 million. This park is a birder’s heaven!!

Laikipia National Reserve

If you visit the northwest section of the snow-capped Mount Kenya, you will undoubtedly encounter the Laikipia plains, one of Kenya’s top preferred tourist sites. Compared to other parts of the nation, this aircraft’s wildlife view is exceptional.


Laikipia is ranked second only to Masai Mara in terms of wildlife population. It also houses more endangered animals than any other reserve in East Africa. If you wish to witness some indigenous animal species, like the reticulated giraffe and Gravy’s zebra, plan a trip to the Laikipia plains. If that isn’t enough, you should know that the Laikipia reserve is home to half of Kenya’s rhino population.

Samburu National Park

The name of this reserve comes from the natives, the Samburu. In Kenya, it is a tiny park. However, its amazing wildlife viewing experience places it among the top attractions. The Ewaso Nyiro River flows through its open savannah grasslands, attracting various wildlife such as the Nile crocodile. It is also critical to recognize that this park is home to the “Samburu Special 5,” which includes the beisa oryx, gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, and Grevy’s zebra.

Tsavo National park

Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s biggest park, with an immense expanse of wilderness. The park is separated into two sections: Tsavo East and Tsavo West.

The parks cover around 4% of the nation’s total land area and include rivers, waterfalls, savannah grasslands, volcanic hills, great wildlife variety, and other features.


Kenya is and always will be the original home of African safaris, and it is a must-visit location for everyone searching for a memorable wildlife safari experience. What could be better than organizing a trip, sitting down with friends and family in a 4×4 cruiser, listening to the noises, and seeing the amazing views of nature with your local guide?

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