What Are Underwater Safaris?

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An underwater safari is one of the most magical experiences for you to take on. It lets you explore the beauty and thrill of the underwater world!

Two types of underwater safaris let you explore the oceans in an adventurous and exhilarating way. These include scuba safari and snorkel safari.

East Africa has some of the most fabulous underwater safari spots! Keep reading to find out more.

Best Spots for Underwater Safaris

1. For beautiful sea creatures and whales, head over to the Wasini Island

The Wasini Island features sea animals, including whales, which makes snorkeling and scuba diving much more thrilling. The charges for an entire day at Pilli Pippa Dhow Safari are 130 USD Per Person, with 40-70 USD extra charges for guided underwater tours. For the price, you'll get a pick and drop, drinks and snacks, lunch, and all equipment necessary for an underwater safari.

Wasini Island

Wasini Island,

Image Source: Samyysandra.Com

2. For fantastic dive sites, visit Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve.

Surrounded by the most fantastic dive sites in Kenya, Kisite Marine Reserve is the perfect place to go for a dive at any time of the year. The cost per single dive is 69 USD, whereas, for a double dive, it's 100 USD. They offer exclusive trainers to ensure you dive according to your experience and expertise. All the equipment can be rented at the location.

3. For beautiful corals, go to Watamu Marine National Park.

Along with crystal clear water and abundant corals, Watamu National Park is also home to diverse marine life. The charges for snorkeling or scuba diving are 150 KES for Kenyans, and 350 KES for all other East African citizens. The only restriction is not to touch the coral leaves, or the fish, which could damage them and the marine life's aesthetic appeal.

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Watamu Marine National Park,

Image Source: Ictnguru.Blogspot.Com

4. For hawksbill turtles and bottlenose dolphins, visit Mtwapa and Barracuda Reef.

Along with beautiful sea creatures, this place also offers a few of the best diving sites in Kenya. If you go there, you might even sight some of the most massive Manta Rays on the East African coast. The average dive depth is 12 meters. The charges range from 85$ to 150$.

5. For white sharks and whales, visit Mafia Island in Tanzania.

Mafia Island offers an exceptional diving experience year-round. The dive sites around the island are home to fascinating marine life, sharks, and whales. As the season changes, marine life takes gorgeous turns. The park's fee per Person is 23.50 USD for a single day/night. The price for a double dive is 90USD. Six dives are priced at 240 USD and eight dives are priced at 310 USD. You can also bring your equipment if you like.

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Mafia Island,

Image Source: Africanyogi.Com

6. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Zanzibar Island is home to exceptional diving and snorkeling sites with high visibility and lots to explore! Here are some of the best diving/snorkeling sites around Zanzibar Island:

  • The Great Northern – the Great Northern is home to an amazing shipwreck that has now become a habitat for diverse marine life. You can spot glassfish, textured corals and octopuses here.
  • Hunga Reef – you can spot barracudas, crocodile fish, unicorn fish, and nudibranchs. It’s a great spot for both, beginners and experts.
  • Hammerhead – Tiger sharks, white tip sharks, black tip sharks and hammerheads are found here! However, it’s reserved for experienced divers only.
  • Shane’s Reef – you can spot stingrays, octopus, and ghost pipefish here! 2 Dives range from $90 – $120 here.

7. For scorpionfish, moray eels and red lionfish, head over to Wattabomi Diving Site, Mnemba Island This dive site is ideal for beginners as well as experts because its depth ranges from 6 m to 30 m! The variety of corals here is limited but fish are abundant!

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Wattabomi Diving Site,

Image Source: Tribloo.Com

Underwater Safari Rules and Restrictions

There are a few rules to keep in mind before diving for a lifetime experience. These rules apply at any East African underwater safari you go on.

  • Don't physically touch or step on to the corals. Stepping or harshly touching marine corals can harm them and affect their aesthetical appeal.
  • Don't harm the Sea Life in East Africa. The purpose of a safari is to visualize underwater life, not touch it, or anyhow hurt the fish in the sea. It's highly restricted for visitors to touch or hold the fish.
  • Dive within your limits It's not safe to cross the borders given by the instructors.

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