Weird & Wonderful Creatures To Spot On Your East African Safari

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Safaris offer exciting adventure, scenic views, and lots of knowledge, and is, therefore, a wonderful idea for a vacation! In East African safaris, tourists seek to spot 5 animals known as the ‘Big 5’ which are lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhinoceros. Other than these ‘Big 5’, visitors can spot any other beautiful, unique, and magnificent creatures on these safari trips.

12 Unique Animals To Add To Your Watch List During Your Travels To Tanzania & Kenya

1. Grevy’s Zebra

East African safaris offer the rare sight of an extraordinary species of zebra called the grevy's zebra, which have longer ears and a total of 80 stripes! They can be found in Samburu Reserve, Kenya

2. Oryx

The East African Oryx, or Beisa, can be spotted in the desert climates of northern Kenya. They can be brown, black, or white, and are a unique sight to see!


The commanding stance of the Oryx spotted in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya., Image Source: Bernard Dupont via Flickr.Com

3. Warthog

Desert warthogs are abundant in East Africa and can be spotted in safaris at Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara, as their favourite habitat is grasslands and savannah. They can be seen running with their tails up, or grazing.


Wild Warthogs grazing with the fierce hippos.

4. Flamingos

These unique pink birds can be spotted in Lake Nakuru and Lake Natron, Tanzania, and Lake Bogoria National Park, Kenya, and are a special sight to see! East Africa is one of only a few breeding grounds in the world.


Two Flamingos showing affection on Lake Natron

5. Wild Dogs

The African Wild Dogs found in East African safaris are different from common dogs. These rare species are found in Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, but have become endangered and are a rare sight to see. They are the biggest and most ferocious species of dogs. 

6. Mongoose

The Banded Mongoose is another interesting species found on Kenyan safaris. They resemble small bears, or racoons, and have large black stripes on their backs.


The Mischievous Mongoose

7. Aardvark

In Maasai Mara, Kenya, visitors can try to spot Aardvarks which are nocturnal and solitary mammals. These unique animals are found across sub Saharan Africa

8. Serval

Travellers can keep an eye out for servals, also known as bush cats. These incredible creatures resemble leopards but have larger ears and are remarkably agile. They can be seen leaping, climbing, or playing in the water, in destinations across East Africa such as Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti in Tanzania!


The agile servals taking relaxing, note the resemblance to leopards.

9. Caracal

Caracals are smaller than servals and resemble the African lynx. These beautiful creatures can be spotted while on the African savannah, in various locations such as Arusha, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, Lake Eyasi, and Lake Manyara in Tanzania, as well as safaris across Kenya!

10. Honey Badger

Another unique animal that tourists should try to spot is the honey badger. These cute creatures are famous for taking on animals even larger than themselves! They can be found in East African safaris in Kenya and Tanzania!

Honey Badger

The fierce honey badger carrying her baby in her mouth, Image Source: Derek Keats via Flickr.Com

11. Galago

Galagos or bushbabies are small, cute creatures with huge eyes. These nocturnal animals can be found during a night game drive, through their loud calls or by their big eyes reflecting light. They can be found in safaris in southern Sudan, eastern South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania!

12. Pangolin

Pangolins are rare creatures which are hard to spot due to their nocturnal nature. Tourists should watch out for pangolins, the scaly, secretive and vulnerable animals that can be best found in the Namiri Plains, Tanzania, and Sala’s Camp, Kenya, among many other East African locations!


The fierce honey badger carrying her baby in her mouth, Image Source: David Brossard via Flickr.Com

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