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East Africa is a wonderful tourist destination all year round, but December is a remarkable time to visit. Not only is the weather great for all kinds of activities, but the hustle and bustle of the season adds a relaxed festive vibe to your holiday. The cities are hot during the day and cooler by night, especially inland. While the coastal regions remain warm throughout the evening. And there is always something to do throughout the day.

But its not all hot and dry, moderate, refreshing rainfall is experienced, unlike the ‘big’ rains of March and April. In early December to the 15th bookings tend to be cheaper due to the lesser number of tourists! If you looking to avoid the crowds, then this may be the ideal time to book.

December is also the start of the calving season, so there'll be lots of magic to witness in wild. Here are Tripindigo's top recommended experiences for December.

5 Best Experiences in Tanzania and Kenya During December

1. Escape to Zanzibar

December is a good time to plan a beach holiday in East Africa, where the ocean breeze keeps the atmosphere pleasant. Zanzibar offers scenic views of clear waters, exciting water sports, and a relaxing, sandy beach. Travellers who wish to experience snorkelling and scuba diving should choose this month because it is perfect for spotting marine creatures such as manta rays, sharks, dolphins, and turtles!

Escape to Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island Life

2. Birdwatching At Lake Nakuru

The breathtakingly beautiful lake offers good wildlife and game viewing. In December, it is less crowded so tourists can enjoy the experience. The park is filled with flowers and greenery, and newborns wildlife, such as cubs, fawns, and calves, can be seen.

In this season, flocks of birds migrate to the area. The low season is the perfect time to find bright and beautiful birdlife. Lake Nakuru has a bustling birdlife and attracts over 400 migratory bird species from across the planet. As there are few tourists, visitors could avail the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals and learn about their language, culture, customs, and lifestyles!

3. Wildlife Viewing  At Ngorongoro Crater

For those who wish to see the Ngorongoro Crater, December serves as the perfect month for a trip! Wildlife viewing is wonderful, and the scenery is lush green! With lesser tourists, rates are better, and the trip might be more enjoyable with fewer crowds.

Visitors also get the opportunity to see migratory birds at this time! In this natural enclosure, tourists can spot wildlife such as lions, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, gazelles, antelopes, rhinoceros (including the rare Black Rhino!), and many different species of exotic birds! This is the best season for a wildlife safari because the weather is adequate (not too hot or cold) and the scenery is greener and more beautiful! And there isn't a better spot to indulge in these beauties than at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Wildlife Viewing at Ngorongoro Crater

Wildebeest grazing in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area

4. Visit The Serengeti

Serengeti National offers lush green views, pleasant weather, and remarkable wildlife and game viewing, with views of wild cats, hyenas, deer, elephants, and many other exotic species. In the low season, visitors might even be able to easily access the deeper parts of the jungle. Many animals have babies in the wet season because the availability of sufficient food and water is ideal for having their young. Lucky tourists might also be able to spot cute wildlife such as cubs, pups, foals, calves, and fawns!

Visit The Serengeti

Tranquil setting in The Serengeti National Park

5. Visit or Summit Mount Kilimanjaro

December is a wonderful month for a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania where the travellers and adventure seekers can enjoy the remarkable view, climb up the 5895m mountain, or camp at the base. December is perfect for photographing this enchanting destination as the light is perfect, sunsets are spectacular, skies are clear, and greenery is vivid.  Along with the scenic views, tourists could photograph migratory birds and beautiful animals.

Visit or Summit Mount Kilimanjaro

Summit Kilimanjaro for the adventure of a lifetime

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