Why Visit East Africa in November

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East Africa is one of the most beautiful regions in the world, with Tanzania and Kenya being the most popular vacation options. The area is known for its incredible wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant and diverse culture, welcoming community, and delicious food.

Here, November means the end of fall, the ‘short rains’ season. Making it the ideal time to visit as it is neither hot, nor cold, and tourists can enjoy dry periods with occasional rainfall. The total number of tourists also decreases during November, allowing visitors to enjoy a more peaceful, less overcrowded vacation!

Best Experiences in Tanzania and Kenya During November

1. Rain

For those who love rain, November serves as the perfect month for a holiday. Unlike the peak rainy season, this month only experiences occasional rain. So the chances od your outdoor plans being ruined are slim. But you can still enjoy a moderate amount of rain to help cool off. The lush vegetation turns a beautiful emerald colour and increases the beauty of East Africa.

2. Ngorongoro Crater

This season is ideal for visiting Ngorongoro Crater,found in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which offers both beauty and adventure. This safari location is perfect for viewing wildlife such as lions, rhinoceros, zebras, wildebeests, jackals, elephants, and countless species of birds! In November, rains are mostly short storms in the afternoon, so they rarely affect the trip.

Ngorongoro Crater

Antelope Ngorongoro Crater

3. Serengeti

At Serengeti National Park, wildlife viewing is an enjoyable experience throughout the year. November offers lush scenery and an unmatchable bird watching experience. This season is perfect for watching migratory birds and allows tourists to avoid crowds.

4. Mombasa Carnival

The month of November brings the glorious, multicultural carnival of Mombasa. This engaging street party, full of music, dance, and colour is organised by Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism. Travellers will have a memorable experience celebrating East African culture, enjoying local delicacies and watching traditional and contemporary dances!

5. Gombe National Park, Tanzania

November is an excellent time to visit the Gombe Stream National Park to spot chimpanzees. Nature lovers can enjoy watching many species of birds and butterflies, which are abundant due to migration.

6. Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is an exciting safari destination. It is home to lions, over 350 bird species, reptiles, elephants, hyenas, giraffes and antelopes. In November, visits are favourable as there are no crowds, it is peak bird watching season, and the views are full of greenery.

7. Diving and Snorkelling

November is excellent timing for snorkelling and diving in Kenya to view large marine creatures such as manta rays, whale sharks, turtles, many species of whales, and dolphins!Kenya is also home to 7 Phenomenal Coral Reefs perfect for any snorkelling adventure.

Diving and Snorkelling

Deep-Sea Diver and spots a manta

8. Lake Nakuru National Park

This beautiful Kenyan destination can be visited in November when it is sunny but not hot and offers an ideal wildlife watching experience. The grass around Lake Nakuru is low and short at this time, it is easier to spot wildlife.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Beautiful landscapes all around Kenya

9. Zanzibar

In November, visitors can enjoy scuba diving in Zanzibar Archipelago, and watch whale sharks which are abundant at this time! Travellers can explore Stone Town, a beautiful town with a rich history.

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