Visit Kenya 2021 Travel Guide for Kenya, East Africa

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Kenya is one of the most fascinating and exciting destinations to visit in East Africa. You will find adventure, wildlife, intricate and remote locations, and beautiful scenic views. If you plan on travelling to Kenya, but don’t know where to begin planning your trip, we’re here with some insightful information to assist you.

What is the best time to visit Kenya?

Timing is critical, especially when you are visiting any East African country. July to September, during which time you can witness the majestic wildebeest migration, is the perfect time to visit Kenya. The weather is dry from July to September, ideal for trekking and exploring the wilderness. If you want to visit during the rainy season, December is ideal because the rain does not last long, and you can even spot newborn animals. However, do not plan your trip between March to May, as the country experiences torrential rains during these months.


Things to keep in mind before travelling to Kenya

  1. Apply for a Kenya tourist visa online (or apply for an East Africa visa if you also want to visit Rwanda and Uganda)
  2. You will need to obtain vaccinations for the following:
    1. Yellow Fever
    2. Polio
    3. Tetanus
    4. Hepatitis
    5. Anti-malarial prophylactics
  3. Essential items to pack:
    1. Insect repellents
    2. Sunscreen
    3. Malaria pills
    4. Medication
    5. Universal adapters with surge protection
    6. All other travelling essentials you would usually carry
  4. Some tour operators will also recommend travel insurance
  5. Keep plenty of Shillings, and US dollars as these are widely accepted
  6. You will always need to carry your passport with you while travelling in Kenya


Top cities to visit while travelling to Kenya

Now that you are a little acquainted with preparing for your trip let’s dive into exploring Kenya.

  1. Nairobi – The capital city where you can experience city life. Although the traffic is horrendous, Nairobi is a hustling and bustling city with many tourist attractions.
  2. Mombasa – Known for its scenic beaches, Mombasa is the perfect getaway from the hustle of the safaris. It is also home to national parks, cultural centres, and the city life
  3. Kisumu – Kisumu is more of a cultural journey, with significant attractions including Kisumu Museum and the rice and sugar industries.
  4. Nakuru – another great town to explore and indulge in the Kenyan city life and culture
  5. Eldoret – Home to some of the largest universities and hospitals in Kenya, Eldoret is another growing city filled with unique places to visit, including the Great Rift Valley scenic views.

Top Safaris to take while in Kenya

Our top picks for safaris include:

  1. Masai Mari – witness the great wildebeest migration – a stunning natural phenomenon where millions of wildebeest migrate. You will get to see the Masai Lions, Tanzanian Cheetahs, and African Leopards
  2. Lake Nakuru National Park – Home to exotic wildlife, including millions of pink flamingos, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, lions, and ostriches
  3. Amboseli National Park – Giraffes, buffalos, jackals, impalas, leopards, and so many different species to witness at this national park
  4. Tsavo National Park – If you fascinated by elephants, this is a must-visit park.
  5. Samburu Game Reserve – Experience the unique Special Five of the Samburu Game Reserve, which includes Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, Beisa Oryx, reticulated giraffes and gerenuk.


Things to keep in mind while in Kenya

Although you may be excited about what’s to come, please keep the following points in mind:

  1. Always keep insect repellants with you
  2. Keep bottled water with you when going on safaris/expeditions
  3. Ask your hotels/travel guides about safety and routes/locations to avoid
  4. Hire local travel guides rather than renting vehicles
  5. Avoid travelling/walking late at night


With this information, you should start planning your trip. Kenya is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will make you want to keep coming back for more. It packs a unique punch and is ideal for any tourist interested in adventure, culture, tradition, and wildlife. If you want to learn more about Kenya and how to beat the heat, be sure to read our article 5 Useful Hacks to Help Deal with the Heat on Safari in Kenya.


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