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December 2017 marked the first event of the most impressive races on earth, the Wakati Challenge! 

The Wakati challenge is a global race where 3 teams will have to make there way from Cape Town, South Africa to Zanzibar, Tanzania while competing for a grand prize of $15000. Here's the catch, they can only use public transport! It’s like a road trip but also a great trek across the southern corridor of Africa. Basically making the amazing race look like it's for sissies. 



Last Years Participants and winners.

2018 dates have not been confirmed yet, but early bird registration is open. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about the Wakati Challenge.

What is Wakati Challenge All About?

The Wakati Challenge is a global race where teams of three compete in a race from Cape Town to Zanzibar using public transport only. The challenge gives the participant an opportunity to experience new cultures, meet amazing people, discover customs and traditions, taste the food, and see beautiful scenery and animals.

Participants will need to pick their teammates strategically and wisely. For instance, if you are participating, you will need to pick your teammates who can help you succeed and win the challenge. Even if you love your best friend or partner, you need to be sure if they are really adventurous. Will they be the best partners to journey with you across borders and cultures and help you win while making great memories along the way?

Every day, the teams will need to cover some mileage using several modes of transport. Participating teams will need to figure out the cheapest and most effective modes of transport in each country while deciphering clues along the way to get them closer to the finish line. During the journey, the teams will need to make quick decisions and seek out local advice so that they don’t get delayed.

At the end of this epic adventure, the winner takes home a cool $15,000. Basically, they get a cash reward to have an adrenaline filled time of your life.

Which Modes of Transports Will Be Available?

Public transport is public transports. Which means:

  • NO Flights
  • NO Private Taxi
  • NO Private cars or lifts

You got to keep it real and travel like the locals! Here are some ideas:




Mini Bus Taxi, a.k.a. 'Daladala' in Tanzania (don't call it that in South Africa, you guaranteed to get strange looks!




Bus, long distance or local buses. 





Or get that ticket to ride and experience the views of the country from the train.



Key Guidelines:

  • Teams can only use public transport and will at times need to ask for advice from the locals so as to make smart and strategic decisions on the best routes.
  • The budget restriction is $40 per person per day.
  • Every challenger on the race will have on a GPS tracker so they can be monitored for compliance with rules and also for their safety.
  • The official check-in point is in Cape Town where teams will pick up their Wakati goodie bags as well as conduct document and equipment checks. A welcome brief and start-line reveal will follow while you mingle with other teams from around the globe.
  • The final briefing will come before sunset and it will specify the rules, penalties, challenges, checkpoints, safe zones, point-systems and action plan procedures. Then it’s game on!
  • Teams will chart their own routes and decide what countries to pass through to get to Zanzibar.
  • There will be safe zones in each country where teams can find medical help, rest and support services.
  • A Wakati rulebook and a waterproof map will be provided to teams so they know if they’re flaunting any rules or they’re in the clear. Headquarters will also monitor them so they can penalize if and when required. No cheating folks.

Apart from the $15,000 award for the winners, there are also other interesting rewards during the course of the race.

Here's Your Chance to Have a Real African Adventure

If you ask me though, trekking a quarter of Africa, meeting new people from around the world and indulging in local culture in the countries to be visited is reward enough! Fun times are here!

Catch this adrenaline-filled vibe if you can!

We'd love to hear from you If you have anything to add to our list or would like to tell us about your experience give us a shout!

Share your experience with us! Tag @Tripindigo on your social posts #EastAfricaRocks or pop us a line on social@tripindigo.com.

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