Your Ultimate Guide To Planning A Workation The New Travel Trend Post-Covid

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Ever since the start of the COVID pandemic, new travel trends have arisen. One such trend is a workation, an amazing experience that allows tourists to combine work with leisure. To control the spread of the coronavirus, many people have been asked to work from home. Workations provide an excellent opportunity for them to enjoy a vacation while they work. Here is a guide that can help travellers plan the perfect workation.


  1. What is a workation?

A workation is a unique way to work away from the office. The word is a combination of ‘work’ and ‘vacation’. Tourists can work productively in a relaxed environment, surrounded by natural sights and serene landscapes instead of being confined to their workplace! This allows them to get away from the monotony of daily life and lockdown.


  1. Why should someone go for a workation?

Workations offer a refreshing and enriching experience, especially during the pandemic which has affected the mental and physical health of most people. Tourists can escape the monotonous nature of their day to day life, and break from their worries and tensions without having to compromise on their work. This allows them to travel for longer periods of time and spend quality time surrounded by nature, rather than a busy workplace. The worker can explore new places and relax in a different space. A change of environment can also increase productivity and quality of work.


  1. Where should tourists go for a workation?

A good workation requires a relaxing spot where tourists can relax and work without distractions such as noise. They should have a good internet connection, a stable electricity supply, and all the materials, such as books and devices, that they require. The spot should be comfortable, so they can enjoy the serenity and tranquility while they work.


  1. How to have a good workation?

A good workation requires good planning, so tourists can be productive and manage their time well. To ensure that work is being done well, they must ensure that they balance their work time and leisure time. The spot should be workation friendly, and visitors should set up a work station where they have all the facilities they need to be able to work to their full potential. Staying professional is vital, and tourists must plan around their work, so they can enjoy the luxurious experience of their travel without having to miss out on work hours, or reducing the quality of their work.


  1. What are some workation friendly spots in East Africa?

In Zanzibar, there are many beautiful and serene spots where travellers can stay at luxurious and comfortable lodges. At Muyuni, they can go to Sunshine Marine Lodge which provides a relaxing environment that can help them work well. Surrounded by scenic views of the blue water, coral reef, white sands, and the lush garden, they can work in a stress free place. They can also visit the yoga centre, massage room, swimming pools, and on site diving centre, to relax and unwind after working.


Sanctuary Swala at Tarangire National Park is a great site for a workation. It is private, and the tents come with a dining area and a lounge, and a deck. Tourists can also use the library which features a contemporary African design under traditional thatched structures. Wi-Fi is available so tourists do not face connectivity issues while they work.


ToffeeTribe is a wonderful workation spot in Nairobi, Kenya. This flexible coworking space offers a comfortable place to work, refreshments, power outlets, high speed Wi-Fi connections, and designated work spaces away from any noise or distractions. On their workation in the bustling city, guests can visit the cafe to work in the comfortable and ideal environment.


The environmentally friendly Baraza Resort at Bwejuu Beach in Zanzibar offers luxury and privacy, providing guests a calm environment to work in. The peaceful retreat creates an atmosphere that maximizes productivity. After working for a few hours, tourists can take a break to enjoy the view, dine at the restaurants and bars, and get relaxing and soothing treatments at the Frangipani Spa, which provides a pool, and a Sultan’s bath!


In Chumbe Island, guests can check in to Chumbe Island Yoga Retreat, a luxurious and environment friendly resort where they can work in peace.  When they get tired from work, they can relax and unwind at the lounge, practice yoga, try the delicious food, snorkel amongst the colorful coral reefs, or try to spot marine creatures such as sharks!


Xanadu in Zanzibar is another workation friendly spot as it has unique villas surrounding a central pool and dining area. Tourists can work in this stunning lodge, engulfed by an oasis of tropical gardens and palm trees!


Located between the Giriama village of Fumbini and the beautiful Kilifi Creek, Distant Relatives Ecolodge is an excellent spot for a workation as it is surrounded by nature and provides the serenity and privacy one needs to be able to work to their potential. The local community is supportive, and tourists can enjoy the breathtaking view of the emerald waters and vivid greenery. The private rooms are spacious and comfortable to live in.


At Migombani Camp at Lake Manyara in Tanzania, tourists can enjoy the adventure of camping, the leisure of being in a serene and luxurious space, and the satisfaction of being productive. They can swim in the pools, use the hot showers, and work in the cozy lounges. The camp offers free Wi-Fi so workers are not affected by connection issues. After working, tourists can explore the Lake, enjoying a serene picnic, going for boat tours, and spotting birds such as storks, flamingoes, egrets, kingfishers, and eagles!


Workations are a great way to work and travel after the Covid pandemic!

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