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Jet Across the Ocean Kizimkazi Fishing Village & Swim with Dolphins

About the tour

Kizimkazi fishing village is one of the best destinations in Zanzibar for dolphin watching. Known for the dolphins nearby, Kizimkazi is an hour drive from Stone Town.

Discover beautiful coral reefs and see a variety of bottle-nosed dolphins and spinner dolphins. You can swim or snorkel quite close to the dolphins if you are lucky.


  • Take a two-hour sailing trip on a traditional dhow and enjoy the beautiful sights of the waters.
  • See beautiful coral reefs, tropical fish and a wide range of bottlenose and spinner dolphins. These animals can be elusive and shy; they jack-knife through water and may sometimes show off with twists and jumps.
  • Enjoy snorkelling in the beautiful coral reef. If you are fortunate, you can swim with the dolphins.
  • Return to the beach for lunch. You can also swim in the shallower waters here.
  • Visit the 12th-century mosque, a reminder of what Islam was in East Africa in its early stage.

Booking Tips


To book this tour simply use our search engine above

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What's Included

If relevant, park and entry fees are included, as well as cost of guide/s.

An hour from Stone Town on the south east coast, Kizimkazi is known as a hotspot for dolphins.

Following your comprehensive safety briefing, board a traditional ocean going dhow and set sail while your crew keep a look out for the tell-tale dorsal fins of the dolphin pods. Note that the dolphins are wild creatures, and, as with game spotting on the mainland, nothing can be guaranteed except for a great time on the beautiful ocean, the excitement in the expectation of spotting the dolphins and hopefully getting up close in the water.

Your 2 hours on the boat includes the opportunity to swim / snorkel in the clear waters, after which you’ll return to the beach for a lunch with swimming and snorkelling in the clear waters.

What You Should Bring

Beach towel, swim wear, sunblock, sunglasses, hat, and waterproof shoes for exploring the reef at lunch time. Waterproof bag for electronics and phones may come in handy.

Who Should Come

This excursion is open to all ages and fitness levels. The ability to swim, and being able to climb up a small ladder out of the water back on board,  if going into the water is necessary. Whilst the crew will provide life jackets, if you have small children and infants please supply your own flotation devices for them.

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