Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Tour

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Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Tour

A simple cup of coffee was never this extravagant as it will be when you enjoy the aromatic Kenyan ground coffee while on the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Tour in Nairobi.

The tour will welcome you to the amazing historic Grogan/MacMillan Manor House situated at the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden which remains in pristine condition.

This is no easy achievement when you consider the fact that the house was moved brick by brick from the city to the garden in 2008 to preserve it.

The Coffee Garden is a 5 ½ acres of land surrounded by a beautiful garden and massive hundred-year-old trees. Be sure not to miss out on a spot of bird watching while you’re there as there are a large population of birds and varieties of flowers in the garden.

If you’ve heard enough about the tour why not reserve a spot for yourself.

Book the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden tour or choose from a host of other unforgettable East African Tours with Tripindigo!

Tour Highlights

  • Play squash, tennis, and golf during your tour with Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Tour.
  • Circling the Sun is a highlight you don’t want to miss.
  • Spend time in nature, and relax in the beautiful cottages located inside the gardens.
  • Get enlighten at the Karen Blixen Museum.
  • Take a trip inside the plantations of coffee.
  • Take a tour of the property and enjoy the spectacular view of the Ngong Hills.
  • Eat sumptuous local meals in the garden.

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