Safari Park Hotel Dining Experience – Safari Cats Dancers

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Safari Park Hotel Dining Experience – Safari Cats Dancers

Experience an evening of delicious food and wild, exotic and rare dancing at the Nyama Choma Ranch by the Safari Cat Dancers!

You will be thoroughly entertained by a team of professional dancers who offer guests a fusion of classic and African cultural dance that involves drumming and impressive acrobatics.

The Safari Cats Dancing troupe was launched in 1992, and the music and dance chosen by the dancers reflect the mood of a season and uniquely themed.

Then watch the Safari Cats put on an enjoyable performance of dancers and acrobats proceed with their 45-minute performance at 2100 Hours nightly, to end your wonderful evening.

So with the entertainment of the highest order, the food will need to compliment it right? Well Nyama Choma Ranch Restaurant in Safari Park Hotel does not disappoint its guests.

Enjoy an evening of delicious food and entertainment at the Nyama Chomai. Sit down to an array of delicious meats such as steak, chicken, mutton, and much more as well a number of side dishes.

Select from roasted barbecued meats; sizzling hot, presented on skewers and carved at your table; accompanied with jacket potatoes, crispy salads, and tasty dips.

Guests can also choose from prime Kenyan steak, succulent chicken, traditionally roasted mutton while vegetarian options are available if you are so inclined.

Thereafter you will be dropped back to your pick up point.

If you’ve heard enough about the tour why not reserve a spot for yourself.

Book the Safari Walk And Animal Orphanage Tour or choose from a host of other unforgettable East African Tours with Tripindigo!

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy a trip to the Safari Park Hotel some minutes from Nairobi City Hotel.
  • Experience the exciting pace associated with the city when you step out of the hotel.
  • Feel the serenity of Safari Park Hotel when you visit.
  • Taste the sizzling hot and barbecued meats accompanied with crispy salads and jacket potatoes.
  • Watch the Safari Cats Dancers perform colourful dance steps.
  • Energize yourself at the Cats Nightclub that offers night owls the best night activities.

Booking Tips


To book this tour simply use our search engine above

  1. Select Nairobi as your destination
  2. Date
  3. Number of participants
  4. Select the category Food and Spice Tours
  5. Then click search

What's Included

45-minute performance at 2100 Hours nightly , delicious foofd and wild at the Nyama Choma Ranch.

What You Should Bring

Casual wear/night wear, simple shoes of heels and camera

Who Should Come


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