Stone Town with Spice Tour

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Experience The Wonders of Stone Town Then Take Your Pallet On A Taste Adventure

About the tour

The Stone Town Tour takes you on a leisure trip to follow the ancient trails of explorers, slaves, and sultans in the winding streets of the Old Town. Discover the historical events that shaped Zanzibar and see the significant sights of Stone Town.

Then visit the famous Spice Farms of Zanzibar where you will smell and taste tropical fruits and spices. Whether you are history buff, culture lover or a shopaholic, this tour will undoubtedly delight you.



  • Explore the winding streets of Stone Town, learn about the history of the old town and visit the places these past events happened.

  • Visit the major sights in Stone Town such as the former Slave Market and Anglican Cathedral, the Sultan’s Palace, the House of Wonders, the Old Arab Fort and Dispensary.

  • Explore the local markets and see fresh loaves of bread in wicker baskets, neat stacks of fruit and vegetables and fresh seafood and fish piled high in the fish market, as the traders sell their goods from the stalls.

  • Visit a local spice plantation farm, get an exclusive insight into the farm and its vibrant spices, and learn about the history of spices in Zanzibar.

  • Sample delicious traditional Swahili dishes prepared with vibrant spices and taste some fresh juices made with seasonal fruits.

Booking Tips


To book this tour simply use our search engine above

  1. Select Zanzibar as your destination
  2. Date
  3. Number of participants
  4. Tick the category Food & Spice Tours
  5. Then click search

What's Included

Your guide/s, transfers to the spice farm and return to Stone Town.

What You Should Bring

Hat, comfortable walking shoes, water, money for purchases of spices, camera. Especially within Stone Town, please dress conservatively (ladies should cover their shoulders and legs).

Who Should Come

Any mobile individuals. The walk is easy and not at a fast pace, but it does last a few hours.

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