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Fly to your favorite East African destination: Discover

What is it about East Africa that draws people, leaving them with unforgettable memories? And what is it than any traveller needs to do? It is said that East Africa changes tourists into travellers.

Safari. Raw adventure. Game viewing. Finding the Big5. Experience the greatest terrestrial animal migration on earth. Big sky country. Vast, open plains and reaching mountains.

White, fine sand beaches. Blue, green, turqoise and indigo waters. Rainbow corals. Underwater life. Islands of paradise.

History of traders and conquerors. 2000 years of cross-cultural history: years of trade route dominated clashes: the Arabs with slaves and spices; the Ottomans, the Portuguese, Italians, Germans and the British have all played leading roles.

The exploits of the big explorers, Samuel Baker, Richard Burton, Dr. David Livingstone and Sir Henry Morton Stanley. The hunters like Ernest Hemingway, the adventurers and fortune seekers like H Rider-Haggard of King Solomon’s mines. All have shaped truth and myth.

Perhaps it is the wide open spaces relatively untouched by commercialism, the subsistence and traditional way of life for many of East Africa’s people with their idiosyncrasies handed down through generations.

To many it’s the might and adveture of the world’s best known national park, the Serengeti, or the allure of the slopes of the highest free standing mountain on earth, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the opportunity to conquer its perennially snow capped Uhuru peak.

So, where do you start? What must you experience? Plan your bush, beach and culture safari with Tripindigo.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be heading for adventure, indulgence of the senses and an experience for the soul – if you allow it. Be present and permit yourself to feel. Priceless.

Tripindigo presents and specialises in Tanzania and Kenya in detail. Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan only as serviced by the airlines routes we represent.


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