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Otherwise known as the Ugandan town in Tanzania, Bukoba sits on the western shores of Lake Victoria and never fails to charm with the endearing warmth of its beautiful people, giving meaning to the phrase – a home away from home.

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Why Visit Bukoba?

  • Historical Museum: Explore the historical museum at Bukola to discover the similarities in the traditional lives of the Ugandan natives in the town and Central Ugandans. This is evident in the collection of tools used in past times. A visit to the museum will help you cherish the preservation of cultural values and heritage.
  • Bukoba rocks: One of the most typifying sights in the town is its rocks. Perfectly curved grey large stones, they become very visible tens of kilometres away as you near the town. Cluttering the sides of the road and piled atop one another delicately, the rocks form a fantastic romantic spot with breezes from the sea. These rocks will nourish your need to take hikes and long walks.
  • Friendly people: Bukoba will charm you with the endearing warmth of its people leaving you with the urge to visit again as soon as you can. Interacting with the people of Bukoba will make you cherish the unsolicited kindness that reaches out to embrace you from nearly every local you talk to.

Bukoba is a small town with natural beauty and scenic landscapes that will bring serenity to your wandering soul. The town is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria in the northwest of Tanzania. The city is the biggest town in Kagera and the capital of the region.

Getting to Bukoba is easy; you can fly directly to Bukoba from Mwanza.  Alternatively you can take a flight from Kilimanjaro to Dar es Salaamor Dar es Salaam via Precision Air or take a bus from any town in Tanzania.

Best time to visit

The climate is favourable in 8 months out of 12 in Bukoba. The best months for good weather are January to March and June to October. The peak tourist season is from June to August.

Averagely, it is hot all year round in the town so you can enjoy sunbathing. April, May, and November are the rainiest months.

Sights and sounds

Bukoba is the ideal stopover for tourists desiring to have a feel of Tanzania and Uganda at a go. Flat and compact, forming a bowl and surrounded by hills, the town is a slow-paced with little or no city hustle and bustle.

The town boasts of a white sandy beach, a large market, a big airport, port, tennis courts and a swimming pool. Enjoy an intriguing getaway at Musira Island, the big chunk of rock in front of the town.

See the path to the summit which passes through the Orthodox Church and homes made from elephant grass.

Have a beer in the evening before sunset with a table set over the grassy area at the Bukoba Club.

Dining and Dietary Considerations

Matoke, known as cooking banana, is a local delicacy in Bukoba cooked with meat or smoked catfish and beans or groundnut.

Good food is not hard to find in Bukoba. Grilled tilapia, pizzas, and good curries make Bukoba Co-Op Hotel a popular gathering spot. Delight in the most ambitious menu featuring Chinese, Indian, the European and Italian cuisine at Victorius Perch.

The centrally located Rose Café offers instant appetising food difficult to beat for the welcome. Other popular Bukoba restaurants to dine include 888 Café, Hasseki Café, ELCT tearoom and Maendeleo Café.


Religious and Cultural considerations

With mosques and churches seen everywhere, Bukoba is a highly religious area. The Buena Church and Mater Misericordiae Cathedral are widely known places of worship.

Haya is the native language of Bukoba. Modified forms of Haya are spoken by other ethnic groups across the borders into Rwanda and Uganda. Swahili and English are widely spoken in Bukoba as well.


Cost of Living


  1. Bukoba is one of the main ports on Lake Victoria and Tanzania’s second largest port on the lake.
  2. The first African Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, Late Lauren Cardinal Rugambwa is a descendant of Bukoba
  3. Up until the early 1980s, Matoke was a staple food in Bukoba eaten year round

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