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A county in the former Nyanza Province of south-western Kenya, Migori covering an area of 2,586 square kilometres is bordered by hills, Lake Victoria and a host of counties.

The sprawling town of Migori is the capital of Migori County in Kenya and it’s located about 22km north of the Tanzanian border.  The town is surrounded by two major attractions which include Ruma National Park and Lake Victoria.

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Why Visit Migori?


Migori county is blessed with trees and shrubs which includes Bondo, Ochwoga, Mukinduri, Ngow, Bong’u, Onera, Toona ciliata, Ochond rateng’/Musaja, Oncoba spinosa, Terminalia catappa, and Cypress.


Migori boasts of a varied species of birdlife. Some of the birds recorded here include flycatchers, doves, hawks, baglafecht weaver, eagles, purple grenadier, sunbirds, storks, hadada ibis, African citril, yellow-white eye, robins, gonoleks, and kites among others.

Water bodies:

The presence of lakes, rivers, and waterfalls in Migori has seen many tourists, local and international, trooping to visit annually. Water bodies in the county include the Kuja and Migori rivers, and Lake Victoria

  • Time zone: UTC / GMT +3
  • Currency: Kenyan Shilling (KSh, often written as =/)
  • Language: The general language is Swahili
  • Driving: left-hand side of the road.
  • International dialling phone: +254
  • Power supply is 220V-240V 50Hz. Plug types are ‘Type D & G (British)’
  • Closest Airport:  Migori Airstrip (MGI) and Masai Mara Serena Airport (MRE).
Best time to visit

Migori is best visitedView Page from mid-June to late September for warm-weather activities.

The Annual Migori Peace Tournament which takes place close to the end of the year is a good reason to visit for lovers of sports. At this annual event, you get to see football teams across the county as they display their talent and prove their strength in football.

Sights and sounds


There are some informal “pubs” on the banks of the river before the bridge, great entertainment if you looking for something to do in town. You’ll enjoy good music from Osogo Winyo and fall in love with the amiable locals.


Visit the marketplace two days a week to see how Migori folks sell dried fish, vegetables, and small Chinese junk tools.


If you’re visiting on a Sunday, you get to enjoy unparalleled enthusiasm and performance at the church. Seeing Macalder, the old gold mines is the highlight of any visit to Migori County. There, you’ll see where women stand and wash out gold around a pond. Here, you can buy yourself some gold for some hundreds.

Take a boat ride to see the lakes and other water bodies in Migori. Safari awaits you at the Ruma National Park close to Lake Victoria.

Dining and Dietary Considerations

Dining in Migori is delightful as food comes in diverse flavours drawn from a variety of ethnic traditions and merged with tastes of outside the country. Tourists can enjoy a typical Kenyan cuisine in almost every Kenyan eatery in Migori County. Fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, and meats are popular with foods in Kenya.

Popular on Kenyan tables are rice, cornmeal, and wheat and millet flour. Avid tea drinkers can quench their desires with Kenyan tea and coffee. Cold beverages are also available at hotels, restaurants and entertainment spots.

Have a taste of Tusker, the relaxing Kenyan beer choice. For exciting gastronomic experiences, try some of the common ethnic Kenyan foods in Migori such as:

  • ugali,
  • Sukuma Wiki,
  • Nyama choma,
  • Kachumbari,
  • Chapati,
  • Githeri,
  • Iingoho,
  • Plau,
  • Wali,
  • Karanga,
  • Kienyeji / Irio,
  • Mmaandazi,
  • Chai,
  • Samosa,
  • Uuji.

Nyama Choma and ugali top the list of popular Kenyan cuisine and are a “must eat”.

Religious and Cultural considerations

Dholuo is the predominant language in Nyanza. This Southern Sudan originating language is spoken by the ethnic Luo. Other languages spoken in Migori include Gusii, Luhya, Kuria, and Suba as well as Kenya’s national languages of English and Swahili.

Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches are predominant in the town as a vast majority of Migori Kenyans practise Christianity. With Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims found in the town centre, Islam is another major religion in Migori. Many of the traditional African religions are no longer widely practised. There are few Indians in Migori who practise Hinduism and Sikhism

Cost of Living


  • Maasai MaraSerengeti and Ruma National Parks can be accessed from Migori County.
  • It is possible to witness the great wild beast migration from Masai Mara to Serengeti in just a few kilometres from the county.

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