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Mpanda is a small town situated in the Katavi region of Tanzania.  It used to be one of the major trade hubs in the region, but these days it mainly serves as a major transit hub.

Mpanda is seen as the gateway to the Katavi region which opens up to many attractions such as natural beauty and famous Tanzania wildlife!

The district of Mpanda is the town’s administrative seat and it’s well-known for its natural resources including gold and metallic sulphides. There used to be a large gold mine in the district but it ceased operation in the year 2002.

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Why Visit Mpanda?

  1. Katavi National Park: This frontier town is the getaway to Katavi National Park where you can find a large number of hippopotamus, elephants, and waterfowl. The park is a true Eden with lush green marshland and an abundance of foliage.​
  2. Lake Tanganyika: Lake Tanganyika is a famous tourist area in Mpanda, where you can spot leopards, baboons, hyenas, hippos, chimpanzees, and elephants.​
  • Currency: Tanzanian shilling (Tsh)
  • Language: The general language is Swahili
  • Time zone: Africa/Katavi
  • International dialling phone: + 255
  • Nearest Airport: Mpanda Airport
Best time to visit

Depending on when you want to visit, Mpanda is usually flooded with heavy rains during the wet season. However, the environs become a lush sanctuary for a myriad of birds, crocodiles, and hippo.

For tourists who want to go on a safari adventure in Katavi, it’s best to visit during the dry season when there is no flood water and the Katuma River has little water. The weather is usually hot and humid from November to April.

Sights and sounds

There are several things you can do in Mpanda such as exploring the Katavi National Park to see various wildlife species in their natural environment.

Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest inland water has become a favourite spot in Tanzania. The lake offers a wide range of attractions and activities.

The Katavi region features a wide range of attractions including Kigoma and Rukwa, two nearby destinations

Dining and Dietary Considerations

Mpanda has a few local eateries where you can to experience Swahili cuisine to its fullest.

Tanzanians love starchy foods like Ugali and you’ll have an opportunity to taste it.  Satisfy your palate with good meals when you visit Shinaz, a local restaurant in the town.

Religious and Cultural considerations

Hindu and Islam are the popular religions in the town. Mpanda has become the headquarters of the new Roman Catholic Diocese and you’ll find a number of churches for Christians.

Cost of Living


  1. The town is an endpoint of a rail line with passenger services from Tabora
  2. Mpanda airport is the only airport in Mpanda.

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