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Pangani is a sleepy Swahili town situated in a pristine coastal area surrounded by a tranquil environment and it’s somewhat off the beaten track. If you looking for a quiet beach town as an alternative to Zanzibar, then Pangani is one of the best choices. Visiting this hidden gem makes for a relaxing holiday in Tanzania.

This small laid-back town is located in northeast Tanzania, about 45 km south of Tanga. It is the headquarters of Pangani District and it was transformed from an ambiguous coastal dhow port into an important terminus for export of slaves and ivory in the past. However, the town faded away at the end of 19th century and the focus shifted to Dar es Salaam and Tanga. Pangani has a rich culture and history and it’s a secluded destination with a broad mix of cultures and ethnicity.

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Why Visit Pangani?

  1. Beautiful Beaches: Pangani is situated at the Pangani River’s mouth, collecting water from Mountain Mt Kilimanjaro and Meru straight to the Indian Ocean. There are beautiful and clean beaches that are home to the endangered Green Turtles, coral reefs, Old Port and historic sites.
  2. Laid-back Town: This town was once a hub for Swahili trading with the African mainland. Today, it is littered with memories of opulence in its different tourists’ destination like the old German administrative boma.
  • Currency: Tanzanian shilling (Tsh)
  • Language: The general language is Swahili
  • Time zone: Africa/Dar es Salaam
  • International dialling phone: + 255
  • Nearest Airport: Pangani Beach Airport
Best time to visit

The best time to visit Pangani is between June and March when the temperature is moderate. You can indulge in a variety of activities during this period such as snorkelling, boat safaris, on the Pangani River, diving and birdwatching.

Sights and sounds

Historical Experiences

Pangani is a historical town with fascinating landmarks like the slave routes, old port, the slave market and many buildings that have stories to tell.

Water Activities

There is an opportunity to take a boat ride to Maziwe Marine Park Island where you can watch dolphins, swim, snorkel, and sun-bath.

You can take a cycling tour to the German Fort, sisal plantations, Mwera or Mkoma where you can see the Mwanaunguja corals, Pemba channel and the German warship that was attacked.

Cultural Experiences

A tour to the village gives you an insight of the culture of the people, and you can even indulge in activities with the locals. The endangered Green Turtles have their nesting sites in Pangani, and you can learn about their breeding habit.


There is <a href=”” title=”Saadani National Park, Tanzania Travel Guide”>Saadani National Park</a> for your safari experience; it’s a park with a unique shoreline wilderness, riverine, marine and forest environment.

Dining and Dietary Considerations

One of the most amazing places to dine is Mike’s Beach Restaurant & Bar when you visit Pangani, a restaurant that serves seafood and traditional delicacies.

The local dishes are mostly prepared with bananas or coconut. Ugali is the primary staple of the people, and the right hand is used for eating. However, it is important that hands are washed before you eat and after you have eaten

Religious and Cultural considerations

Pangani has a culture that is greatly influenced by different countries that once ruled Tanzania.  The historical diversity of the people makes it possible for various religions to be practiced.

However, Islam and Hindu are the main religions while Christianity and African Traditional Religions are a minor religion.

Cost of Living


  1. The Pangani River is infested with crocodiles.
  2.  Pangani means “to sort”. This town received its name back in the slave days, when it was prominent for its slave market which was the main central point for administrative affairs fr slaving.
  3. Traces of Arab, Asian, German, British, and Colonial rule be found in Pangani, which is the origin of its diverse culture.

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