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Tiwi – Kenya

Tiwi is located in Matuga Constituency of Kwale County and is ideal for anyone eager to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and soak up some African sun, Tiwi is a fantastic destination to visit for a relaxing holiday. This small town settlement is also known for its stunning beach resorts on some of the most stunning coastlines you’ll find in East Africa. Tiwi is located just north of another popular beach in Diani.

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Why visit Tiwi

  • Water sports: Snorkelling, kite surfing, and swimming are exciting adventures that await you on the Tiwi Beach. The atmosphere at the beach is serene, clean and a great spot for adrenaline junkies.
  • Affordability: Tiwi is great for budget travellers looking to splurge moderately. It is a one-stop destination for families looking for a great but affordable place to escape without breaking the bank.
  • Location: Tiwi is relatively isolated from the nearby Diani and Mombasa beaches, so there are fewer tourists and beach boys along the shorelines. For those looking for calmness, serenity and sparse human population, Tiwi is a great choice. It’s a getaway in every sense of the word.
  • Time zone: UTC / GMT +3
  • Currency: Kenyan Shilling (KSh, often written as =/)
  • Driving: left-hand side of the road
  • Power Outlets: 220V-240V 50Hz. Plug types are ‘Type D & G (British)’
  • Closest airport: Ukunda Airport which services Diani Beach or Mombasa Aiport which is 17 kilometres drive away from Tiwi
Best time to visit

Depending on your preference, February is the driest month, while May is the wettest. The rainy season runs from April through May, to October and November.

Sights and sounds

Tiwi is reputed as one of the least visited beach towns in Kenya’s south coast region. Situated within the Matuga constituency of the Kwale County, it is a great destination for visitors looking for off-the-beaten-path hideaways. The high tide at Tiwi is a sight to behold, especially the rolling applause of the waves. Visitors with a great affinity for surfing, windsurfing, kiting, diving and snorkelling will enjoy their time at this tropical beach town.

If you get tired during your beach walk, you can hop on a camel for a ride while you admire the beauty of Tiwi from the back of the camel – all with the help of camel guides around.

Dining and Dietary Considerations

Unlike other beach destinations, most of the restaurants and bars in Tiwi are within the cottages and guesthouses. Nevertheless, there is so much to eat and drink, thanks to the sumptuous cuisine variety served by chefs. However, you can take your own food, snacks, and drinks to the beachfront, as well your music player.

Religious and Cultural considerations

The Tiwi locals are Christians and Muslims by adoption. Music, dance, arts, and crafts are a significant aspect of the local culture.

Cost of Living

In terms of shopping, there is not much you can spend your cash on apart from services provided by hotels on the coast and they are surprisingly affordable.

This is roughly what you can expect to pay in Tiwi for:

  • Domestic beer in a supermarket (0.5-litre bottle) – 179KSh
  • Imported beer in a supermarket (0.33-litre bottle) – 228KSh
  • Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) – 200Ksh
  • A bottle of coca cola / Pepsi (0.33-litre bottle) – 56KSh
  • A small bottle of water (0.33-litre bottle) – 48KSh


  • The largest demographics of visitors to Tiwi are aged 50 and above
  • The northern area of Tiwi beach have some picturesque caves which provide great scenery and backdrop for photos
  • The East African Massai also visits Tiwi to sell beautiful handmade jewellery to tourists and holidaymakers.

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