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Lake Baringo is a freshwater lake in the Rift Valley of Kenya, renowned for its fantastic birdlife and wildlife activities. The lake has inlets from OI Arabel, Perkerra and Molo rivers without an outlet and its waters percolate into lavas at its northern end.

Exciting water sports and birding are popular activities on Lake Baringo, and there are also a selection luxury and comfortable accommodations available. Highlights of the lake include the original Pokot villages and many small islands that can be reached by boats.

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Main Attractions

  1. Lake Baringo Reptile Park
  2. Lake Bogoria
  3. Ruko Conservancy
  4. Kapedo Hot Springs
  5. Kabarnet Museum
  6. Tugen Hills

Lake Baringo Reptile Park

You will see several species of reptiles including the Spitting Cobra, Black Mamba, Puff Adder, Monitor Lizards as well as Boomslang (tree snake), Crocodiles, endangered tortoises, and harmless Stripe Bellied Sand Snakes.

Lake Bogoria

This is an alkaline lake located in a volcanic region, south of Lake Baringo. It features hot geysers and springs, and a wide range of wildlife species including flamingos, warthogs, gazelles, zebras, jackals, dik-diks, klipspringers, baboons, and foxes.

Ruko Conservancy

Located on the eastern shores of Lake Baringo, this community-owned conservancy is managed by Kenya Wildlife Service, and it’s well-known for its endangered Rothschild giraffes.  It is also home to hippos, greater kudus, baboons, and impalas.

Kapedo Hot Springs

Located at the northern part of Lake Baringo, Kapedo is a natural hot spring with a beautiful view, combining a 150-m waterfall shooting out warm water from the expansive Silale Hills.

Kabarnet Museum

The ancient museum displays household items of the Tugen, Ilchamus and Pokot communities. A reptile park is found in the compound too.

Tugen Hills:

A favourite tourist spot that preserves fossil remains of the ancient man and successions of deposits from millions of years ago.  It was here that Brigitte Senut and Martin Pickford found six million-year-old hominid fossils.

More About Popular Activities at Lake Baringo

Bird Watching

Watch the activities of different species of birds that have their breeding spots on the lake

Boat Trips

Explore the different parts of Baringo with a boat ride.

Game Watch

With a variety of wildlife species, Lake Baringo is a rich ground for game watching around the year.

Picnicking & Nature Walking

Enjoy a calm nature-walking activity with your loved ones or have a picnic in some of the most romantic spots on earth.

How to get there

By Land:  

A direct drive from Nairobi will take at least four hours, with a night break at Nakuru or Naivasha or even both.

By Air:

Take a chartered plane from Nairobi will take around 45 minutes to get to Baringo.

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Alternatively, you can fly to the closest larger airport in the city of Eldoret and drive to Lake Baringo which will take you around 3 hours and see you cover a total of 151 kilometres in the process

Best time to visit

The lake is located in the equatorial part of Kenya, with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons.

However, the best time to visit is during the parched period.

  • High Season: From July to October
  • Low Season: Between November and December
  • Best Weather: From October to April
  • Worst Weather: From late March to June– during the rainy season

Unique Experiences:

You will experience wildlife viewing during the parched period. You will find the wildebeest during their migration during the dry season.

Throughout the year:

Bird watching and wildlife viewing all through the year.

Season Dependant

October to April: You can observe both migratory and resident avian species.


  1. Besides Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo is the only other freshwater lake in the Kenyan Rift Valley.
  2. The lake is inhabited by hippos and crocodiles and crocodiles, so think twice before you go for a swim!
  3. Thousands of flamingos use the shallow area of Lake Baringo as their nesting grounds. This can be quite a site to see on the right season!

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