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Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park is an easily accessible and very attractive park. It features a variety of habitats, including woodlands, forests, and savannah, each offering its own species waiting to be spotted.

It is a huge natural area and is linked with the Selous meaning there is quite a bit of animal migration between the two areas and a huge overlap in terms of what type of animal you can find.

Picture the zebras on the plains, the gazelles, and the zebras, as well as the warthogs, wildebeest, buffalo and impala. And maybe you will find some shy eland in the open spaces, or you can try your luck to find the greater kudu and the sable antelope in the woodlands across the road.

Lions and hyena can be anywhere, again the open savannah or the waterholes might see you get lucky. And of course spotting the majestic elephants striding across the grass towards their next drink or feed is truly an unforgettable sight.

At night the low light pollution from the surrounding areas means you can really enjoy the starry night, before closing your eyes and dreaming what you might see the next day.

Main Attractions

Mikumi National Park is an unknown, but beautiful area of Tanzania.

  • Excellent safari drives
  • Stretching your legs at the hippo pools, listening to the snorts of these giants
  • Great bird watching with a huge variety of birds
  • Camping under the stars




Excellent safari drives in Mikumi National Park

The game driving in Mikumi National Park is excellent. Don’t expect the same numbers as the Serengeti, but you will see a huge variety of animals, including a good chance to see lion and hyena. There are plenty of elephants around so you should be able to find some, especially around the waterholes you can get lucky.

Checking out the hippos in Mikumi National Park

The hippo pools in Mikumi National Park are a lovely spot to get out of your car. You can stretch your legs and enjoy the snorts and shuffles in the water from the hippos that always seem to be present. Make sure there are no crocodiles nearby and check the surrounding trees for birds and monkeys.

Bird watching in Mikumi National Park

More than 400 birds have been spotted in Mikumi NP. The majority of these can be found in the southeastern area, below the highway that bisects the national park. But plenty of bird life can also be seen on the grasslands in the most popular area north of the highway as well as in the forested areas there.

Camping under the stars

No matter where you are staying in Mikumi National Park, make sure you check out the stars at night. If you are lucky there is no full moon and the full Milky Way and millions of stars can be enjoyed due to the low level of light pollution in the area. See if you are lucky enough to see a shooting star.

How to get there

Fly to Mikumi National Park

There is one airstrip (Kikoboga) that acts as the airport for Mikumi National Park. You can fly there from Dar es Salaam, the Selous, and Ruaha.

Book your cheap flight to Mikumi National Park today and enjoy a lovely game drive in a beautiful national park.

Drive to Mikumi National Park

From Dar es Salaam it is possible to drive to Mikumi National Park. You will reach it and drive through it on the main road before you get to the entry gate. To get to the gate will take approximately 6 hours.

Best time to visit

The cool, dry months of spring from June to October and the hot and dry summer months of December to February are the best times to visit.

High season

Towards the end of the main dry season, from September to November it is probably easiest to spot animals as they come for a drink at some of the few remaining waterholes. But even throughout the rest of the year game viewing is relatively easy here, especially on the open grasslands.

Low season

From December to April the black cotton soil of the Mkata floodplains (the grasslands) can become waterlogged depending on the amount of rain the park receives. But as it usually dries up quickly this shouldn’t cause too many issues.



  • Mikumi NP is one of the best places in Tanzania to see the shy eland. Elands produce a high-fat milk that can be stored for several months, as opposed to a few days for cow’s milk.
  • Even though most safari drives visit the section north of the highway where you can find the open savannah, it is also possible to visit the southern area where it is more forested and different species can be found.
  • The main road through the national park is a 50 km/hr zone due to the high number of animals that cross it, especially at night. You can help making sure no animals are killed by making sure your driver (or you) stick to this speed limit.

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