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Nairobi National Park – Kenya

Nairobi’s National Park is unique, it is the only place where it is possible to see Africa’s wildlife inside a capital city area and offers visitors to Kenya a perfect way to see Africa’s amazing wildlife right on their doorstep.

In fact, even if you are just in Kenya for a day or so you are able to visit the Nairobi National Park and get a good impression of what Africa has to offer in terms of its wildlife.

Located close to the airport it is easily accessible on even the shortest of business or holiday trips.

Book your cheap flight with Tripindigo today and check out the amazing wildlife with the city of Nairobi in the background.

Main Attractions

  • The abundance of wildlife, including lion, leopard, buffalo, black rhino, cheetah, hyena, giraffe, warthog, zebra and much more
  • The city backdrop behind the open savannah plains
  • The chance to see Nairobi’s tree climbing lions
  • Picnic in a great spot, surrounded by nature and wildlife, right in the middle of town
  • Spend the night in the Nairobi NP


Wildlife in the Nairobi NP

There is a huge variety of wildlife in the Nairobi National Park, including the big cats (lion, leopard, cheetah) and rhino. And of course a huge variety of other animals in good numbers. Bird watchers will also love the park as a huge variety can be found here.

The city backdrop behind the open plains

Where else in the world can you drive in a national park, admire all the animals around you and still have the buildings of the nation’s capital as a backdrop to this stunning natural environment.

Tree climbing lions in the Nairobi National Park

If you are lucky you might find one of the tree climbing lionesses up a tree. Especially on a hot day after a meal, you might find them in the tree to find some breeze to cool off. Definitely an odd and interesting sight.

Picnic in the Nairobi NP

Don’t be fooled by its city location, as Nairobi National Park is large, much larger than you would expect and you probably won’t be able to see all of it in just a day visit.

Enjoy cruising around the national park’s tracks, watch wildlife come for a drink at one of the waterholes or streams, have a picnic, stretch your legs at the hippo pool, and enjoy a walk to the hippo pool.

Having a picnic in the park is popular and there are several great sites where you can get out of the car to enjoy your lunch. Don’t forget to check the area for animals as they are not fenced off.

Spend the night in the Nairobi NP

If you want to really make it special you spend the night in the Nairobi NP. There is one tented camp right in the middle of the forested area so you can extend your time in the bush sitting around the campfire at night with a drink and watching the fireflies dancing in the distance. After breakfast the next morning you head out for another game drive, before leaving the park, maybe straight to the airport?

How to get there

Fly to the Nairobi NP

The Nairobi NP is located in Nairobi and can, therefore, be easily reached by taking any flight to Nairobi. Both the international and the domestic airport are close to the national park entrance.

Drive to the Nairobi NP

Once you are in Nairobi it is easy to get to the Nairobi NP by car. It is best to avoid rush hour traffic to get there as everything tends to grind to a halt during this time.

It is possible to take a tour in a bus through the park, but it is much better to hire a car with a driver as this gives you a lot more freedom and gives you a much better chance of seeing wildlife up and close.

Best time to visit

Kenya lies on the equator and Nairobi’s high altitude climate is pleasant year-round. Daytime temperatures range between 17°C / 63°F and 21°C / 70°F, with cooler nights. The southern hemisphere winter means June, July, and August are the coldest months.

Nairobi can be visited any time of the year, but be aware of Kenya’s seasons. It has a dry season from June to October, a wet season called ‘short rains’ in November and December, another dry spell in January and February, followed by the ‘long rains’ in March, April, and May.


High season

The Nairobi NP is popular any day of the year, especially during the dry seasons as many visit the park with a picnic.

Low season

During the rainy season some of the tracks in the national park become impassable. A good 4WD will still allow you to explore a good size of the park, but with other cars you are restricted to the roads that are suitable to drive on year-round.


  • Ask the rangers at the gate where animals (for example lions, rhinos, leopards, servals and other unusual animals) have been spotted to give you a good chance to find them using the junction number closest to the animal. But remember, this is no guarantee as animals roam freely. The Nairobi National Park is not a zoo.
  • If you are short on time and still want the full safari experience, it is possible to spend the night in Nairobi National Park in a tented camp. This is also an excellent way to spend your first or last night in Kenya as it is located close to the airport.
  • Even though technically there are no elephants in the Nairobi NP, the elephant orphans of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust come to the park with their keepers every day of the year.

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