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A look inside Coastal Aviation

Coastal Aviation is a renowned Tourism Aviation company head-quartered in Dar-Es-Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. With over 30 years of experience, Coastal is recognized for it’s extensive flying safari network, reaching 44 destinations and capable of accessing the remotest parts of the country where no roads have reached or will possibly ever do so.

Coastal Aviation opens up the world’s most celebrated safari destinations to the global traveler, taking them on their own unique safari experience, at their own pace, on their own terms. From the primate forests of Katavi to the plains of the Serengeti, the slopes of Kilimanjaro to the waterways of Selous, the floodplains of Ruaha and to the Indian Ocean archipelagos. The choice is yours.

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We have rolled out our Safety & Operational Policy for dealing with this crisis, both to protect ourselves and our customers:

Pre-flight: Coastal will monitor the spread of COVID-19 in country and undertake a risk assessment before each flight. If an operation to a COVID-19 affected area is required, additional precautionary measures such as reduced passenger seating configuration that ensures a minimum safety distance of one meter between passengers will apply.

Check-in and Boarding of Customers: Coastal shall provide information to passengers on the potential risk of Covid-19 and advise on preventive hygiene measures.The airport authority has screening procedures in place for all staff and passengers.

Screening Process at Entry:

  • Where possible keep a distance from any person ideally 1.5 meters minimum.
  • Check eligibility for entry, i.e. passenger and staff.
  • Inform the passenger of screening reason and process.
  • Observe passenger for any visible COVID-19 symptoms as per below. ▪ Ask the passenger whether they feel sick and have any of the symptoms, including fever, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, or feeling unwell in the past 24 hours.
  • Check the temperature keeping distance and measuring temperature.
  • If the temperature reading is high (37.4 Degrees Celsius or higher) and the passenger has no other COVID-19 symptoms, ask the passenger to move to a shaded area and wait. Retake their temperature again after 3-5 mins for an accurate reading. Clear the passenger if there are no symptoms and temperature below 37.4 Degrees Celsius. If temperature is still 37.4 Degrees Celsius or above a final reading can be made 5-10 mins later trying to calm and cool the person. If the temperature is still above 37.4 Degrees Celsius, separate the passenger as per below.
  • If the COVID-19 symptoms are displayed by the passenger: ▪ Provide them a mask to put on. ▪ Inform them to move to the isolation area. ▪ Inform your supervisor and contact the appropriate Coastal COVID- 19 Focal Person or Port Health. • If symptoms are present, follow separation actions per below and also inform the Director of Safety and Port Health. • Direct passenger to disinfect hands.

Screening Process at Check-in Area:

  • Clean – Disinfect the Check-in areas before using them.
  • Place posters with information about the COVID-19 preventive measures in the visible part of the passenger’s check-in area.
  • Place disinfectant gel at the Check-in counters and ask passengers to disinfect his/her hands.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from any passenger. • Ensure there is sufficient disinfectant gel at the passengers’ waiting area.
  • Assess passenger’s physical condition i.e. sneezing, coughing, having difficulty in breathing or any other known symptoms.
  • The check-in counter staff interacting with passengers and their belongings such as luggage, electronics etc. shall use disposable gloves. • Check-in and boarding staff to wear protective gloves when handling passenger documents.
  • Passengers shall have their tickets checked by a Coastal staff member for correct approval/boarding pass and then have their hands sanitized or washed prior to boarding the aircraft.
  • Ensure gloves are always worn when loading and unloading passenger baggage, cargo and pouches.

Separation (Isolation): Actions to be undertaken when dealing with sick passenger when on the ground:

  1. Obtain the passenger details (name/organisation).
  2. Inform the passenger that they will be separated/ isolated due to symptoms.
  3. Offer a face-mask, if available and if the passenger can tolerate it. If a face-mask is not available or cannot be tolerated, ask the passenger to cover their mouth and nose with tissues when coughing or sneezing and stay separated from others.
  4. Minimize contact between sick passenger and all other passengers and direct to predesignated isolation area. If an isolation area is unavailable, ask the passenger to walk to an area which is well ventilated, out of direct sunlight and away from other people and/or high traffic areas. The passenger must be separated from others (by a distance of at least 2 meters) and focal point person informed immediately to assist the passenger.
  5. If the passenger refuses to be separated/isolated, provide them an information poster, advise them that they are displaying corona-virus symptoms and they shall seek further medical assistance for the safety of them and others.
  6. Contact Coastal COVID-19 Focal Point person (see contact list) or Port Health contact and inform them of the passenger’s name, agency and situation. They will then co-ordinate for further actions. The passenger will not be allowed to board.
  7. Where possible, medical service or advice may be offered at the air terminal. In such circumstances it is important that the guidelines or procedures offered are strictly adhered to.
  8. Isolation Areas: Each airport terminal shall have a separate designated isolation area for suspected passengers. The terminal shall have a COVID-19 focal point person to deal with these situations. The Port Health representative is the designated medical representative for the airport.

Aircraft Sanitisation: Coastal has establish a mandatory routine disinfection of aircraft on a daily basis, or if a suspected COVID-19 case has been identified onboard Coastal aircraft disinfection procedure will be completed at Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Geita and Moshi.

Important information for passengers

Regional and domestic flights are usually done on small aircraft (up to 25 seats) and so do not always offer the same flexibility in short lead time ticket changes and cancellations that larger carriers do.

Flight amendment and cancellation: only up to 48 hours before the flight. If less that 48 hours, 100% cancellation fees will be applied. All cancellations and amendments to be made in writing or by SMS during office hours (0800hrs-1700hrs everyday) and to be acknowledged by the company.

As with any small aircraft, flexibility is required in seating weight distribution on the aircraft. Thus in some circumstances it may be required to rearrange passenger seating plan in the interest of safety.

Baggage Allowance

  • 15kg per person.
  • To fit in the cargo pods, bags should be soft shelled and be able to fit through a cargo door measuring 36cm x 68cm (14.5” x 27”). Best leave the big bags at home.
  • By pre-arrangement, additional baggage can be accommodated on the plane at an extra cost. This is however dependant on the load of the aircraft.
  • Some aircraft have an XL seat available at a premium service. These seats allows the guest a limit of 30kg. These seats are subject to availability.

Flying with Children

  • Children from the age of 2 to 12 receive a 20% discount on full priced adult tickets.
  • Infants under the age of 2 fly free as long as they do not occupy their own seat.


  • Be sure to check-in at least 30 minutes before departure.
  • If arriving in Tanzania with a tight local connection, it’s advisable to get your visa in advance to cut transit time and avoid the queue at the visa desk.
  • When you are flying as a family or a group, Coastal Aviation will do everything possible to ensure you’re seated together.
  • Explain what you need to our ground staff and we’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Cabin Classes available

Usually only one class is available. However, a first class cabin flight is available to certain destinations.

Where we fly to:

Having pioneered a number of routes and establishing the concept of the ‘Flying Safari’ , there can be few operators who know visitor’s needs as well as Coastal Aviation does. With Coastal Aviation, you’re in fantastic hands – and wings.

Scheduled bus in the Sky? Enjoy the sense of casual flying when using Coastal Aviation. Planes pick up and drop off where passengers have booked to be. Think of it as a free tour!

Popular Destinations

  • Fanjove private island
  • Kigali – Rwanda
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Lake Manyara
  • Mafia Island
  • Masai Mara – Kenya
  • Ngorongoro
  • Pemba Island
  • Ruaha
  • Rubondo
  • Selous
  • Serengeti

Domestic Routes

Coastal aviation flies between these cities daily with some flights operating twice daily:

  • Arusha
  • Dar es Salaam
  • Kigali
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Mafia
  • Manyara
  • Migori
  • Moshi
  • Mwanza
  • Nairobi – Wilson
  • Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta
  • Pangani (Mashado)
  • Pemba TZ
  • Rubondo
  • Ruaha
  • Saadani
  • Selous (lower)
  • Selous (upper)
  • Serengeti/ Fort Ikoma
  • Serengeti / Grumeti
  • Serengeti / Kogatende
  • Serengeti / Lamai
  • Serengeti / Lobo
  • Serengeti / Mwiba
  • Serengeti / Ndutu
  • Serengeti / Seronera
  • Serengeti / Singita
  • Serengeti / South
  • Songo Songo
  • Tarangire (kuro)
  • Tanga
  • West Kilimanjaro
  • Zanzibar*

*Flights from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam – 6:30 am flight only on Mon, Tues, Wed,Thu,Fri rest are daily

International Routes

Coastal Aviation service international flights  from Tanzania to the following destinations:

  • Kigali in Rwanda
  • Nairobi in Kenya

Other destinations available on charter and request. Call Tripindigo for any quotes.

Fleet Information

Coastal Aviation has a fleet of 26 planes, consisting of the following:

  • 18 x Cessna 208
  • 3 x Cessna 206
  • 5 x Pilatus PC-12

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply generally to all services offered by Coastal Aviation when a ticket is bought through EasyOTA LTd t/a Tripindigo or Ltd.

Please ensure you read carefully the Terms and Conditions. Your payment for the flight ticket confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions.

You are entirely responsible for verifying your flight schedule with the air carrier during the 24-hour period immediately prior to the departure and the return date.

You must reconfirm your return flight within 24 to 72 hours prior to the scheduled take-off time. Please contact Coastal Aviation directly to reconfirm your flights.

Email: or Call: +255 222 842 700.


  1. The conditions of carriage relating to the limits of liability of the carrier for death or personal injury and in respect of loss of or damage to baggage are subject to the provisions of Montreal Conventions 1999 and to the Tanzania Civil Aviation Carriage by air regulations 2008.
  2. Passengers are permitted a maximum baggage allowance of 15kgs per person. Soft bags are strongly recommended. This allowance shall include all hand baggage. The carriage of excess baggage is at the sole discretion of the Company after taking into consideration the aircraft being used and the admissible maximum load. In particular we point out that bags are not tagged and checked-in like in large airlines: they remain always under the control of the customer who must not lose sight of them. When excess baggage is carried it will be charged at the prevailing freight rate. Final decision on load allowable or any flight condition is solely up to the pilot in command.
  3. Freight is carried strictly on a capacity basis. The company does not accept any liability for any direct or consequential cost arising from any delays in the carriage, due to any reasons whatsoever. In the event of the freight being lost or damaged during carriage, the Company’s liability is limited to a maximum of US $ 20 per kg.
  4. Coastal undertakes to use its best efforts to carry the passenger and his baggage with reasonable dispatch, but no particular time is fixed for the commencement or completion of carriage. Subject thereto, Coastal may, without prior notice, substitute, alternate carriers or aircraft and may alter or omit the stopping place previously agreed upon. Times indicated on brochures are approximate and not guaranteed.
  5. Any exclusion or limitation of liability of carrier shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents, servants and representative of carrier and any other person whose aircraft is used by carrier for carriage and its agents, servants and representatives.
  6. Payment in full to accompany bookings – seat reservation ONLY after payment. Tickets are not transferable.
  7. Flight amendment and cancellation: Up to 48 hours before the flight, no penalty will be charged. Payments will be refunded in full on request (less any applicable administration fees) or held on account for use on a future booking. For amendments or cancellations made within 48 hours of departure, 100% of the total cost for the canceled sectors will be charged. Up to 48 hours prior to departure, customers can also choose to postpone their travel for up to 12 months, with no penalty. If there is a difference in fare (depending on seasonality), we will honor the fare at which the travel was first booked. All cancellations and amendments to be made in writing or by SMS during office hours (0800hrs-1700hrs everyday) and to be acknowledged by the company. The above policy applies to Coastal operated flights ONLY. Where flights have been sub chartered to other operators, the amendment and cancellation policy of the other operator will be applicable.
  8. Charter amendments and cancellation: For amendments or cancellations made up to 14 days prior to departure, no penalty will be charged.For amendments or cancellations made between 2 and 14 days prior to departure, 20% of the total cost of all flights for the booking will be charged (or the deposit charged at the time of the booking. For amendments and cancellations made within 48 hours of departure, 100% of the total cost for the canceled sectors will be charged. Up to 14 days prior to departure, customers can also choose to postpone their travel for up to 12 months, with no penalty. Postponements received between 2 and 14 days prior to departure, will attract a 20% penalty. If there is a difference in fare (depending on seasonality) we will honor the fare at which the travel was first booked. The above policy applies to Coastal operated flights ONLY. Where flights have been sub chartered to other operators, the amendment and cancellation policy of the other operator will be applicable.
  9. Coastal reserves the right to use single or twin-engine aircraft on any route.
  10. Coastal Travels Ltd’s general terms and conditions for safaris, displayed at Coastal office are applicable. Customer may demand a copy of the same.
  11. Flights may be changed or cancelled without prior notice. The Company is not responsible for any direct or consequential costs resulting from any cancellation or delays to its services.
  12. Tariffs are subject to change without prior notice
  13. Check in time is 30 minutes before the flight: 15 minutes before flight your seat may be allocated to wait listed or stand-by passengers.
  14. Smoking is not allowed on any of our Aircraft.
  15. All claim for any event to be received in writing by the company within 7 days from its occurrence. In case of dispute the Court of Law is Tanzania.
  16. The Carrier does not take responsibility for delays and missed connection with other transporters.
  17. As Coastal aircraft are small, they require flexibility in seating arrangements and, on occasion, a group may be split and fly on different aircraft. Baggage and weights are vital considerations and passengers may have to be weighed on certain routes. No agent, servant or representative of the carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.

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