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A look inside East African Aviation

East African Aviation is the gateway to East Africa, providing passengers with world-class aviation services including charter flight services to several destinations across the region.

East African Aviation is one of the largest private aviation companies in Ethiopia, East African Aviation provides charter flight services, flight training, and air ambulance transportation using fleets of mid-sized multi engine aircraft.

Thet use new technology for pilot school flight training and introducing the first air ambulance service in Ethiopia, we pride ourselves in bringing safe ahigh-qualityity aviation services to East Africa.

Important information for passengers

The humble beginning of the East African Aviation company was founded on safety, reliability, and integrity. This has helped the company to make a steady growth in aviation services across the East African region. The company offers a wide range of services which include:

  • Private Charter: With the help of its many years of experience in the aviation industry, it boasts of a carefully selected fleet of aircraft to suit your safety and comfort.
  • Advanced Flight School: With the help of its well-seasoned flight instructors who have at least 15 years of experience, together with the full motion simulators and technically advanced aircraft, its flight school offers programs and resources which get students ready for the aviation industry.
  • Air Ambulance Service: Having pride in introducing the first Air Ambulance Service in Ethiopia, its aircraft are fitted with state of the art medical equipment and licensed medically trained personnel to offer safe and effective air transportation for those that need immediate medical attention in East Africa.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance ranges from 10 kg to 20 kg but it varies on the cabin class chosen by the passenger.

Flying with Children

East African Aviations private charter services have no special considerations when flying with children


East African Aviation is a charter service and as such check-in time is often determined by the customer but the general practice is about 30 minutes to 1 hour before take-off depending on whether the flight is local or international.

Cabin Classes available

East African Aviation doesn’t have cabin classes for their private charter service.

Where we fly to:

The East African Aviation offers flight services to most countries in East Africa and the UAE.

The countries include Kenya, Sudan, Yemen, UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

Popular Destinations

East African Aviations most popular destinations for its private charter service is:

  • Addis Ababa
  • Juba
  • Nairobi
  • Sana’a
  • Dubai
  • Johannesburg
  • Jeddah

Domestic Routes

East African Aviation services a range of domestic routes in Ethiopia with its charter services

  • Adaba Airport, Adaba, HAAD, Ethiopia
  • Bole Int’l Airport, Addis Ababa, HAAB, Ethiopia
  • Arba Minch Airport, Arba Minch, HAAM, Ethiopia
  • Asosa Airport, Asosa, HASO, Ethiopia
  • Awasa Airport, Awasa, HALA, Ethiopia
  • Axum Airport, Axum, HAAX, Ethiopia
  • Bahir Dar Airport, Bahir Dar, HABD, Ethiopia
  • Beica Airport, Beica, HABE, Ethiopia
  • Bulchi Airport, Bulchi, HABU, Ethiopia
  • Combolcha Airport, Combolcha, HADC, Ethiopia
  • Dansha Airport, Dansha, HADA, Ethiopia
  • Debre Marqos Airport, HADM, Ethiopia
  • Debre Tabor Airpot, HADT, Ethiopia
  • Dembidolo Airport, Dembidolo, HADD, Ethiopia
  • Dire Dawa Airport, Dire Dawa, HADR, Ethiopia
  • Dodola Airport, Dodola, HADO, Ethiopia
  • Dolo Airport, Dolo, Ethiopia
  • Fincha Airport, Fincha, HAFN, Ethiopia
  • Gambela Airport, Gambela, HAGM, Ethiopia
  • Ghinnir Airport, Ghinnir, HAGH, Ethiopia
  • Goba Airport, Goba, HAGB, Ethiopia
  • Gode Airport, Gode, HAGO, Ethiopia
  • Gondar Airport, Gondar, HAGN, Ethiopia
  • Gore Aiport, Gore, HAGR, Ethiopia
  • Himera Airport, Humera, HAHU, Ethiopia
  • Garaad Airport, Jijiga, HAJJ, Ethiopia
  • Jimma Airport, Jimma, HAJM, Ethiopia
  • Jinka Airport, Jinka, HABC, Ethiopia
  • Kabri Dar Airport, Kabri Dar, HAKD, Ethiopia
  • Lalibela Airport, Lalibela, HALL, Ethiopia
  • Tum Airport, Maji, HAMJ, Ethiopia
  • Makale Airport, Makale, HAMK, Ethiopia
  • Mekane Selam, Mekane Selam, HAMA, Ethiopia
  • Mendi Airport, Mendi, HAMN, Ethiopia
  • Genda Wuha Airport, Metema, HAMM, Ethiopia
  • Mizan Teferi Airport, HAMT, Ethiopia
  • Mui Airport, Mui, HAMR, Ethiopia
  • Nejjo Airport, Nejo, HANJ, Ethiopia
  • Nekemte Airport, Nekemte, HANK, Ethiopia
  • Semera Airport, Semera, SZE, Ethiopia
  • Shakiso Airport, Shakiso, HASK, Ethiopia
  • Shilavo Airport, Shilavo, HIL, Ethiopia
  • Shire Airport, Shire, SHC, Ethiopia
  • Sodo Airport, Sodo, HASD, Ethiopia
  • Tippi Airport, Tippi, HATP, Ethiopia
  • Wacca Airport, Wacca, HAWC, Ethiopia
  • Mekane Selam, Mekane Selam, HAMA, Ethiopia

International Routes

East African Aviation charter services also has flights to the following international destinatiosn


  • Juba Intl Airport, Juba, HSSJ, Sudan
  • Bender Qass. Intl Airport, HCMF, Somalia
  • Jomo Intl Airport, Nairobi, HKJK, Kenya
  • Khartoum Intl Airport, Khartoum, HSSS, Sudan
  • Sana’a Intl Airport, Sana’a, OYSN, Yemen
  • Dubai Intl Airport, OMDB, UAE
  • O.R. Tambo Airpt, Jo’burg, FAOR, South Africa
  • KAIA Intl Airpt, Jeddah, OEJN, Saudi Arabia
  • Ambouli Intl Airport, Ambouli, HDAM, Djibouti

Fleet Information

The aviation company offers a two aircraft in its of the fleet, namely the King Air 350 and the Cessna 172.

East African Aviation owned and operated a fleet of private turbo propellers, is the best in its class, designed to meet the needs of our clients. From the ever so popular King Air 350, for its spacious cabin and sound suppression at high altitudes, to the durability of a Cessna 172, our fleet offers maximum comfort and true economic value for each flight.

  • Elliot Sound suppression to minimize sound at high altitudes
  • Custom interiors with exquisite finishes and comfortable lie-flat club chairs.
  • Pre-stocked amenities such as gourmet snacks, bottled water and more.

Terms and Conditions

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