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A look inside ZanAir

  • Zanair Limited is known as one of the founder airlines of the Tanzanian Region.
  • This domestic airline provides flights and air services into and between the Tanzanian Islands, key hubs, and specialised safari destinations.
  • ZanAir has been in operation in East Africa since 1992 and has well over 20 years of trusted experience and thousands of flight hours to back it up.
  • It is one of the few flight companies with aircraft licensed to operate at night.

If you’ve ever flown with ZanAir, you’ll wish all flights are run by this Zanzibar-based carrier.

Important information for passengers

Zanair has had a great reputation as an aviation service provider, ever since its inception in the year 1992. The best thing about ZanAir is that it covers almost all major cities in Tanzania. And not just cities, even remote less known bush locations are also covered by its carriers.

What you receive as a passenger is quality seating with no compromise on the front of quality, tailored cabin configuration, and prompt and efficient onboard as well as ground services. Onboard, you get an amazing aerial view of certain world heritage sites.

ZanAir is linked to numerous ground tour facilities and can recommend you one of them for hassle-free touring around Tanzania. For more than a decade now, the company has been catering to the corporate as well as the tourism markets effectively. With its hub at Zanzibar, the company has been offering satisfactory services to its clientele.

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Baggage Allowance

Since ZanAir operates carriers with lower seating capacities of around 5 to 13 seats per aircraft, sometimes, more than one aircraft need to be sent to a destination to share the load on a given aircraft. Due to such constraints, the baggage allowance is a little restricted. The total baggage allowance for a passenger is 15 kg, irrespective of whether it’s being carried on or checked in.

Baggage Recommendations:

The airline also recommends its customers to carry soft bags only. Large and stiff bags like suitcases consume a lot of space in the cargo bay resulting in inconvenience of all kinds. Therefore, if you are carrying large or elongated items like fishing rods, bicycles, golf bags, surfboards or diving equipment, you may likely not be accommodated in some of ZanAir’s cramped carriers.

Flying with Children

ZanAir currently has no special considerations for children travelling with the Airline


For Individuals

For individuals, the check-in time has been pegged at 1 hour before the departure of the flight.

Group Travellers

For groups, however, the check-in time is 1.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure timing.


  1. Check-in counters get closed 15 minutes before the flight takes off.
  2. ZanAir also offers an online check-in service via its website.

Cabin Classes available

ZanAir does not offer specific cabin classes

Where we fly to:

ZanAir operates with five aircraft across six destinations in Tanzania and services these domestic routes to the following airports

Popular Destinations

ZanAir flies to 6 domestic destinations within Tanzania and these destinations are as follows:

International Routes

ZanAir does not offer any international or regional flights

Fleet Information

ZanAir’s fleet comprises 5 aircraft.

1 x Cessna 207, the efficient island hopper.

  • 5-seater
  • Single engine
  • Perfect for scenic and bush flights

2 x Cessna 208 B Grand Caravans 

The workhorse of the Tanzanian skies, perfect for longer flights into and out of safari destinations with their varied landing and take off conditions.

  • 13-seater
  • Single engine
  • This versatile aircraft can handle a range of trips

2 x Cessna 404 Titans

Twin-engine, fast, roomy and licensed for night time operations.

  • 11-seater
  • Retractable landing gear


Terms and Conditions

The conditions of carriage relating to the limits of liability of the carrier for death or personal injury and in respect of loss of or damage to baggage are subject to the provisions of Montreal Conventions 1999 and to the Tanzania Civil Aviation Carriage by air regulations 2008.


It is MANDATORY to carry a valid and legal photo identification as it is required by the airport authority and for check-in procedures. General terms and ticket conditions as stated on your ticket are there to protect you and us, please read them carefully. Tickets are not transferable.


Baggage allowance is maximum 15 kg check-in luggage and 5 kg as hand luggage, giving you a total of 20 kg. Infants have no baggage allowance. Kindly note that our planes are small and large luggage will not always fit. We highly recommend you, to travel with soft bags rather than hard cased suitcases.

For excess luggage, we charge 3 USD per kilo for Arusha and Selous routes and 2 USD per kilo for Zanzibar, Pemba and Dar-Es-Salaam routes, subject to load allowance on the flight. Final decision on the admissible maximum load is solely up to the pilot in command.

In case you want a guaranty for the transport of your excess luggage, we recommend you, to buy an extra seat in advance which will give you up to an extra 50 kg of luggage allowance.

ZanAir does not assume liability for any of the following items in or as checked baggage: antiques, artefacts, artwork, books and documents, china, computers and other electronic equipment, computer software, fragile items, furs, heirlooms, keys, liquids, money, orthotics, surgical supports, perishable items, photographic, video and optical equipment, precious metals, stones or jewellery (time pieces), securities and negotiable papers, silverware, samples, unique or irreplaceable items or any other similar valuable items.

ZanAir assumes no liability for articles carried as personal cabin luggage.


Cargo is carried strictly on a capacity basis. ZanAir does not accept any liability for any direct or consequential cost arising from any delays in the carriage, due to any reason whatsoever.

In the event of the cargo being damaged or lost during the carriage, the company’s liability is limited to 20 USD per kg.

Live Animals

Carriage of any live animals is strictly subject to the IATA Carriage of Live Animal regulations. However, ZanAir will make the final decision on any such carriage.

Cancellation & Amendment

Our flight amendment and cancellation policy is specified on the ticket, however if you do not show up for the flight you will be a “NO SHOW” and a 100% cancellation fee will apply. Cancellation notifications and amendment requests are to be made in writing and received during office hours and need to be acknowledged by ZanAir.

Charter flight amendments and/or cancellations: 50% charge if received less than 24 hours in advance of departure and provided plane did not fly. If the plane has flown, 100% cancellation charges will apply.

Tariffs are subject to change without prior notice.


  • All ZanAir flights are NON-SMOKING

  • Consumption of any personal alcohol on the aircraft is prohibited

  • If upon flight departure we feel you are unfit to travel due to intoxication you may be de-boarded. Refunds will not be applicable.

  • ZanAir’ aircrafts do not have toilet facilities


ZanAir is not responsible for any direct or consequential costs resulting from any delays to its services; particularly if a delay results in missing a connection to another carrier – domestic or international. ZanAir only guarantees a connection to another flight operated by ZanAir.

ZanAir reserves the right to

  • change the type of aircraft without prior notice

  • add, delay, modify or cancel the flight schedule or any part there of

  • re-schedule connecting flights in a way deemed fit for the safe operations of the aircraft

  • overfly any sector or to choose an alte;rnative destination, should it be required for the safety of the aircraft and the passengers on board.

  • ZanAir reserves the right to use a single or multiple engine aircraft.

  • ZanAir reserves the right to rebook or transfer passenger(s) to other carriers that ZanAir has an agreement with. (Any exclusion or limitation of liability of carrier shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents, servants and representative of carrier and any other person whose aircraft is used by carrier for carriage and its agents, servant and representatives.)

ZanAir will not be liable for any consequential cost resulting from any such deviation.

Flight Times

It is our intention to publish and maintain accurate departure and arrival times, however these are not guaranteed, as there are many factors, that can constitute a delay, which are sometimes beyond our control. Passengers that are connecting with other airlines or on our airline should allow adequate connection times.

Check in

  • Check-in counter opens in Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam and Pemba 60 minutes before flight departure and closes 20 minutes prior to departure.

  • Check-in counter opens in Arusha 90 minutes before flight departure and closes 20 minutes prior to departure.


If you are a group of more than 6 passengers, please report at the airport at least 60 minutes prior to departure. ZanAir operates small light aircraft that require flexible seating. On occasion groups may be split and fly on a different aircraft.

Passenger Weight

Weight is a vital consideration especially for operations out of game parks and high altitudes airports; sometime passengers may have to be weighed on certain routes. If you weigh more than a 120 kg kindly notify us at the time of booking, we are very discreet about it.


All claims for any event(s) are to be submitted in writing to the company within 7 days from its occurrence. In case of any dispute The Court of Law is Zanzibar.

Airline Safety Equipment

Please leave all our safety equipment such as safety briefing cards, life jackets, breathing apparatuses, medical kits, and unused air sickness bags in the same place you found them.

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