Juba International (JUB) Airport

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JUB Airport Guide

Juba International Airport, also known as by its IATA Code JUB and ICAO Code HSSJ, is the largest and busiest international airport in the Republic of South Sudan. It is currently undergoing expansion.

This is South Sudan’s international airport and primary gateway it is a tiny international airport that offers the bare minimum for an airport of its status. It doubles up as a military airport and the logistics hub of UNMISS, UNHAS and other humanitarian organizations.

Geographical Location – see map below

This airport is located 3 kilometers  to the northeast of Juba City Center which is the Capital city of the world’s newest state of South Sudan. It sits on the western banks of the White Nile one of the two major tributaries of the River Nile and is located in the Jubek State of South Sudan.

Getting Here

  • Taxi – There are many taxis in Juba but the best services are offered by Premium Taxi and Witins Transporters.
  • Preferred Mode – Get to the airport by Premium Taxi as their 20 cars are new, air conditioned and fully licensed additionally they are NGO and UN approved.
  • Shuttle Bus – The airport does not operate one.
  • Alternatives – You could use motorbikes but the accident rate is very high.
  • Car Parking & Fees – There is no automated POS parking system and it can be assumed that short and long parking is free(or paid for in cash) at the airport;
  • Auxiliary Information
    • Flight From Hub

This is the the main hub and the primary point of entry into the Republic of South Sudan.

  • Airlines Using As Hub

It is the main port of entry into the country but has as yet no airport using it as a hub, although it has at least 13 airlines operating both cargo and passenger flights regularly.

The taxis and car hire vehicles will pick and drop you within the terminal; right at the entrance to the lounge the driver will help you with your luggage.

Hotels & Transit Accommodation

The airport has no hotels but there are some next to the airport which include; Airport Plaza Hotel, Link House and the Juba Transit Hotel. TripIndigo offers a comprehensive review of the city and accommodations.


  1. Wi-Fi – None
  2. ATM – None.
  3. Forex – None.
  4. Restaurants & Lounges – There is a snack shop and café at the airport, where you will be served hot and cold beverages.
  5. Toilets – The toilets are western styled.
  6. Disabled Facilities – There are wheelchairs available for the disabled at the airport.

Quick Facts

    • GPS coordinates: Latitude (4.872006, 040 52’ 19.22’’ S), Longitude (31.601117, 0310 36’ 04.02” E)
    • Time Zone: UTC +3, GMT +3
    • Altitude- Elevation, 1513 Feet, 461 Meters above Sea Level, MASL.
    • Operating Hours: The airport operates 24 hours a day.
  • Telephone Contacts: Airport Director (+211) 956601423,

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